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Army Secretariat

The Office of the Secretary of the Army (OSA) is composed of the Secretary; the Under Secretary with two Deputies; five Assistant Secretaries; the General Counsel; the Administrative Assistant; the Director of Information Systems for Command Control, Communications and Computers; The Inspector General, The Auditor General; the Chief of Legislative Liaison; the Chief of Public Affairs; and the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization; and such staff as may be required. These elements are referred to as the "Army Secretariat."

The Secretary of the Army (SA) is responsible for the conduct of all affairs of the Department of the Army subject to laws and other acts of Congress and to the direction, authority, and control of the President and of the Secretary of Defense. The Chief of Staff of the Army, in addition to other duties prescribed by law, is the principal Professional military assistant and advisor to the SA and is authorized by him to supervise the members and organizations of the Army.

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