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Army Staff (ARSTAF)

The Army Staff (ARSTAF) is defined as that portion of the staff of the SA at the seat of the Government which is presided over by the CSA. The ARSTAF assists the SA and members of OSA in the conduct of long-range planning, resource determination and allocation, the development of Army-wide objectives, the formulation of broad policy guidance, and the supervision and control of DA activities. Elements of the ARSTAF, under the direction of the CSA, provide for the specialized knowledge of the various fields of Army activity and for the coordination of those activities into a homogeneous, consistent, unified Army effort which will mesh efficiently with the efforts of all other DOD elements.

The general duties of the ARSTAF include furnishing professional assistance to the SA, the USofA, the Assistant Secretaries and GC of the Army, and other principal officials of the OSA, and to the CSA. Under the authority, direction and control of the SA, the ARSTAF is responsible for preparing for such employment of the Army, and for such recruiting, organizing, supplying, equipping (including those aspects of R&D assigned by the SA), training, servicing, stationing, mobilizing, demobilizing, administering, and maintaining of the Army, as will assist in the execution of any power, duty, or function of DA.

The ARSTAF is organized as a balanced, functional, and systems-oriented entity. Each of its members is charged with performing specifically identified functions which, together, embrace all elements of the mission of the total force--the Active Army, the ARNG, the ARNGUS, and the USAR. Each represents the CSA in an area of interest and is responsible through prescribed channels to the CSA and the SA. Each represents the Army on all matters under assigned staff cognizance, within the guidance of designated supervisors, to appropriate counterparts in OSD, other Government agencies, the Congress, and the public. Collectively, the ARSTAF acts as the agent of the SA and the CSA in supervising the plans, duties, and operations of all organizations of the Army. Individually, each of its members either directly or indirectly is concerned with all Army affairs. Interchange of information and integration of staff actions among members are essential to its effective functioning as a single coordinating unit. All ARSTAF agencies are authorized direct communication and access to the CSA and to one another in their respective areas of interest.

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