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Division Support Command (DISCOM) - 28th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

As of July 2006, Division Support Command is scheduled to retire their colors and be reorganized as the 28th Division Special Troops Battalion once the unit returns from Iraq as part of the US Army's transition to modularity.

The 28th Division Support Command (DISCOM) was organized 1 June 1959 as the 28th Infantry Division Trains. The organization was re-designated 28th Division Support Command 1 April 1963.

The command was reorganized on 1 March 1992. Under the reorganization, the Forward Support Battalions provided direct support in maintenance, supply and medical to the 28th Infantry Division (M) maneuver brigades. The Main Support Battalion and Headquarters Company provided direct support to division base units, and back-up support to the Forward Support Battalions. The Headquarters Company provided command and control for the DISCOM.

During the mid to late 1990's, the 28th DISCOM concentrated its training goals on providing the soldiers of the 28th ID the best Combat Service Support available. The Headquarters along with its subordinate Battalions were called to State Active duty for both snow and flood emergencies. The unit also participated in major training exercises across the United States. The experience and training received during those exercises and events allowed the soldiers assigned to the 28th DISCOM not only to refine but to master their skills.

In 1997, the 28th DISCOM deployed for up to 7 weeks as part of Roving Sands, with members of their subordinate Battalions to the Chiluahuan Desert of Southeastern New Mexico and Western Texas, to provide Forward Operating Base (FOB) management and logistic coordination in 3 separate locations for a large scale NATO Air Defense Artillery Exercise.

In 1998, members of the Headquarter 28th DISCOM along with the 728th Main Support Battalion (MSB) deployed for up to 9 weeks to the National Training Center (NTC) located in the Mojave Desert as part of Desert Avenger. The mission was to operate and provide Logistical and Maintenance Support from the Division Support Area (DSA) to the 116th Brigade Combat Team of the Iowa Army National Guard. This was the first Army National Guard unit to go through an NTC Rotation at Ft. Irwin, CA.

In 1999, members of the DISCOM along with the 28th ID Headquarters deployed 2 rotations to Grafenwoehr, Germany, to participate in a Corp Level War Fighter Exercise. This was the first time a National Guard Division participated in this type of event with an active duty Corps.

In 2000, the DISCOM participated in a second Corps level War Fighter Exercise in Germany, expanding the experience and expertise of the soldiers in coordinating support between the Brigade Combat Teams of the 28th ID and the Corps level support units.

As our Nation transitioned into the 21st century, there were many changes to the training and operational tempo of the 28th DISCOM. Assigned soldiers went from practicing their critical mission of arming, feeding, fixing and fueling the 28th Division to performing these function in a operational environment across the globe.

In 2002, members of the 28th DISCOM deployed as part of Task Force Eagle in support of SFOR 12, a NATO peacekeeping mission in Bosnia. It was the third reserve component division to take on this role.

In 2003, members of 28th DISCOM, deployed for a six month rotation with the 28th ID, who lead the NATO peacekeeping mission KFOR 5A in Kosovo. The 28th ID was the first reserve component division to take this role.

Members of the Headquarters 28th DISCOM, along with subordinate commands, have served on rotational tours as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2003, Co B, 728th MSB deployed as part of Task Force Keystone, securing military sites in Europe. In 2004, members of the DISCOM units deployed with Task Force Dragoon. In 2005, DISCOM soldiers have deployed with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 28th ID, to Iraq. Their dedication to duty and self sacrifice in the performance of that duty, has been a tribute to all the citizen soldiers serving our nation today. As of July 2006, the 28th Division Support Command (DISCOM) was serving as part of the Multi National Force Iraq in the greater Baghdad Area.

Members of Headquarters 28th DISCOM along with members 728th MSB have provided logistical support for operational units in Afghanistan for 2 rotations in 2004 through 2005 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. They have received great recognition from the Active Duty Forces they have supported.

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