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6th Brigade, 104th Division

The 6th Brigade is comprised of four subordinate units; the 10th BN (CGSOC) in Phoenix, AZ which conducts Command and General Staff courses, the 11th BN (CASSS) in Boise, ID which is responsible for the Combined Arms and Services Staff School, 12th BN (NCOES) is located at Ft. Lewis, WA and serves as instructor support to the Regional Training Institutes of the Army National Guard, and finally the Reserve Component Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) also at Ft. Lewis which trains its NCOs in Professional Development Education. All four units have instructors and facilitators across the twelve-state region.

The 6th Brigade (Professional Development) has now been in existence for about three years. It was activated on 16 November 1996, replacing the 5046th United States Army Reserves Forces School.

Under the new TASS concept. It is the largest of seven regions in the U.S.; 1,198,099 square miles with over 80,797 soldiers.

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