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KGB - Organization - 1967

May 18, 1967 instead of Semichastny, KGB secretary was appointed Secretary of the Central Committee, head of the department of the Central Committee for Relations with the Communist and Workers' Parties of the socialist countries Yu.V. Andropov. After his appointment, he was released from the duties of the secretary of the Central Committee, but immediately elected a candidate for membership of the Politburo, thus gaining weight incommensurable with his predecessors from the time of Beria.

After Andropov's reforms, the structure of the central apparatus of the KGB was as follows:

  • 1st Main Directorate (intelligence abroad);
  • 2nd Main Directorate (Counterintelligence);
  • 3rd command (military counterintelligence);
  • 5th management (struggle against ideological diversion);
  • 7th Directorate (external supervision and protection of the diplomatic corps);
  • 8th Main Department (encryption and decryption);
  • 9th management (protection of party and government leaders);
  • OTU (operational and technical management);
  • Personnel management;
  • Investigation Department;
  • 10th department (accounting and archival);
  • 11th department (coordination of communication with the organs of state security of the socialist countries);
  • 12th department (listening to telephone conversations and premises);
  • GUPV (Main Directorate of Border Troops);
  • Hoz (economic management);
  • OPS (Government Communications Department);
  • FPO (financial planning department);
  • Mobilization department;
  • The KGB Secretariat;
  • Inspections under the chairman of the KGB under the Council of Ministers of the USSR;
  • A group of consultants under the chairman of the KGB under the Council of Ministers of the USSR (established on August 19, 1967, the staff of 10 people).

In the course of the reorganization of the structure, the Inspectorate, under the chair of the State Security Committee, was transformed into the Inspectorate, the authorized bodies in the cities and districts were reorganized into the city and district departments and departments of the KGB-KGBB-OKBB, and, where necessary, additional city and district departments were organized and separation. In 1969, information and analytical units were formed in the central apparatus and local bodies of the KGB.

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