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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Tupolev Plane 485 (draft)

The need to be able to deliver a nuclear weapon to the North America prompted some more studies for a successor to the Tu-4, powered either by piston or jet engines. The initial designs were given numbers in the 480-series, the first being Project-485 on which work started summer of 1948. Variants were considered with 4 or 6 engines, either ASh-2TK or M-251TK (VD-3TK) power units, and they were to be armed with guided bombs or cruise missiles up to 15,432 lb (7000 kg) in weight. Ten or twelve crew would be carried, a Kobalt radar was fitted, maximum range was 3,729 miles (6000 km) and ceilling 49,213 ft (15000 km).

The work progressed on to Project-489, a derivative of the `485` initiated in mid-1948. Comparative studies were made, jointly between Tupolev OKB and TSAGI, of 6 and 8 engines designs for a long-range strategic bomber, the objective being to find the optimum size, wing area and powerplant arrangement. The Tu-489 never progressed beyond paper studies and a few models made at Tupolev bureau.

The development of the Plane 485 (draft) was carried out using the experience of developing the Tu-4 in OKB-156 (now - OAO Tupolev). The index "485" means that it was the fifth project of the aircraft, which was started in 1948. In terms of the development of the USSR Air Force for 1947, requirements were formulated for a long-range bomber - the replacement of the Tu-4 bomber. It was envisaged the creation of two types of bombers - with reciprocating engines and with turbojet engines. Both versions of the aircraft were to be carried out with airtight cabins, powerful defensive weapons and modern means of navigation and communication. As a result, during 1947-1948 the team of OKB-156 projects (head - Kondorsky BM), developed several advanced designs of long-range bombers - the 471, 473, 473, 485, 487 (the future Tu-85 ) and 489 aircraft were worked out.

The design of the 485 aircraft was worked out in the summer of 1948 in two versions - with four engines (long-range version) and six engines (ultra-long). Work on the project was discontinued in 1949.

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