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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Tupolev Plane 485 (draft)- Specifications

TTX aircraft (project) TTT Air Force Plan 1947
(version with reciprocating engines)
TTT Air Force Plan 1947 (option with TRD) Project 485 aircraft
Crew 10-12 people
Length 37 m
Wingspan 55.98 m
Diameter of the fuselage 3.6 m
Mass take-off 95 000 kg
Weight landing 57 000 kg (with a half of the ammunition)
Maximum payload weight 16 000 kg 20,000 kg 20,000 kg
Mass of payload, normal 3,000 kg 3,000 kg 3,000 kg
Range at cruising speed from 3000 kg PN
(with discharge in the middle of the route
9,000 km 6,000 km 6,000 km
Maximum speed at an altitude of 10000 m700 km / h 900 km / h 700 km / h
Cruising speed 450 km / h
Ceiling practical 12 000 m 15,000 m 15,000 m
Lifting time to a height of 10000 m 30 min 10 min
Run-time 1 100 m 1 200 m 1 200 m
Mileage 800 m 800 m 800 m
Armament TTT Air Force Plan 1947 (version with reciprocating engines) TTT Air Force Plan 1947 (option with TRD) 485 project
Defensive weapons
  • upper hemisphere - two turret installations with remote control, two 20-mm guns (23 mm), with ammunition of 500 cartridges per barrel, optical sights similar to those used on the Tu-4;
  • lower hemisphere - two turrets, similar to the top;
  • rear hemisphere - the stern is limited to a mobile unit with remote control for three 20 mm (23 mm) guns, with ammunition of 800 cartridges per barrel, an optical sight, as on the Tu-4.
  • the front hemisphere - a limited mobile unit with remote control for two 20 mm guns (23 mm), with ammunition of 200 cartridges per barrel;
  • upper hemisphere - remote controlled turret for two 20 mm caliber guns (23 mm), with ammunition of 100 cartridges per barrel;
  • lower hemisphere - one turret, similar to the top;
  • rear hemisphere - stern limitedly mobile installation with remote control for three guns of 20 mm caliber (23 mm), with ammunition of 400 cartridges per barrel.
  • similar to the variant under the Air Force plan of 1947 with the turbojet engine
    Shock Armament....
  • air bombs;
  • guided bombs up to 7000 kg;
  • Projectiles with caliber up to 7000 kg;
  • Equipment TTT Air Force Plan of 1947 (both versions) and the design of the 485 aircraft
    General Purpose Sightsaiming bomber system, consisting of a panoramic sighting radar "Cobalt", coupled with an optical vector synchronous sight, which in turn was connected with the autopilot AP-5;
    Aimed defensive equipment optical turret sights and radio sight
    Flight control equipment radio altimeters of large and small heights of type RV-10 and RV-2
    Navigation Equipment
  • radionavigation systems of blind landing by type "Laurent";
  • automatic radio compasses;
  • astrocompass, avtovshturman and airspace;
  • Radio-technical equipment the equipment of the REP, consisting of reconnaissance systems of the enemy radar, active and passive systems of radio counteraction, systems of recognition of "one's own";
    Connected equipment connected KB radio stations (RSB-D or RSB-5), command VHF (RSIU-3), emergency radio station of the type SCR-578;
    Other airborne emergency equipment

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