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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

RS-24 / SS-29 / Yars-M - Convoy

15U175M TEL from RS-24 Yars ICBM

The Strategic Missile Forces are armed with two variants of complexes with the RS-24 Yars ICBM: 15P155M mobile ground missile system (PGRK) with 15Zh55M rocket with placement of the rocket in the 15U175M mobile autonomous launcher (APU) on the MZKT-79221 multi-axis chassis; stationary silo missile system 15P165M with the placement of the 15Zh65M missile in the silo launcher (silo) 15P765M.

  • Wheel formula - 16 x 16
  • Engine - diesel engine YaMZ-847.10 with a capacity of 800 hp, 4-stroke, 12-cylinder, turbocharged
  • Length - approx. 22.7 m
  • Width - approx. 3.4 m
  • Height - approx. 3.3 m
  • Ground clearance - 475 mm
  • Turning radius - 18 m
  • Tires with adjustable pressure 1600x600-685 model VI-178A / AU
  • Curb weight - 44000 kg
  • Carrying capacity - 80,000 kg
  • Fuel tank - 825 L
  • Maximum speed - 45 km / h
  • Cruising range - 500 km

The 15U175M on multi-axle chassis MZKT-79221 (Minsk, series since 2000), is similar to the APU complex "Topol M". Topographic control of the APU is carried out at any point of the patrol route automatically using inertial navigation system with satellite correction.

False division

Empty tractors, inflatable targets with a thermal simulator of a running engine.

Alert support vehicle

Designed to provide electricity at the field position and in an emergency at the combat launch position; cooking and eating by personnel, recreation and everyday life, as well as organizing and carrying out guard duty. The dimensions and equipment of the machine are designed to support the life of ten people with personal belongings and weapons.

Remote mine clearance machine "Foliage"

The armored vehicle is equipped with a microwave radiation unit. Electronics is capable of detecting mines and landmines at a distance of up to 100 m in the 30 sector. It is used to escort the columns of the Yars mobile missile systems.

Combat anti-sabotage vehicle "Typhoon-M"

Equipped with means of countering radio-controlled explosive devices. It also has a navigation system, a thermal imager for night reconnaissance, an echolocation system and an unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial reconnaissance. It is capable of detecting enemy equipment day and night at a distance of up to 6 km, and a foot saboteur - from 3 km.

Engineering support and camouflage vehicle

Functions: engineering reconnaissance of combat patrol routes and field positions in terms of dimensions and the presence of mine-explosive obstacles. If necessary - expansion of routes, demining, as well as camouflage of mobile ground-based missile systems in field positions.

Unified heat engine UTM-80M

Machine for degassing, decontamination and disinfection of large weapons. Allows to process autonomous launchers in the shortest possible time. In fact, it is the first full-fledged "de-icer" of domestic development.

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