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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KSR-2 / KS-11 / KSR-II

The AS-5 air-to-surface missile is a small supersonic, liquid-rocket propelled, cruise missile weighing approximately 7760 lb. It has a maximum flight speed of Mach 1.2, an altitude ceiling of 30,000 ft., and a range of 80 to 125 nm. It can carry an 1100-lb conventional warhead, or a nuclear warhead weighing 850 to 1200 lb. For guidance, it uses active radar homing from launch to impact when employed in an anti-ship role, and an alternate passive radar homing system when used in an anti-radar role. It has a CEP of 150 ft when used in an anti-ship role, and a CEP of 1 to 2 nm when employed against land targets.

KSR-2 - Air-Launched Cruise Missile of class "air-surface" with the liquid propellant rocket engine (ZHRD $$RTJRD - liquid propellant rocket engine- S 5.6.000) and with the autonomous system for administration + OF ARLGSN. Fuselage is all-metal, is cigar-shaped, wing all-metal with the stressed skin, that is folded with the storage and the transport (borrowed from KSS). Fairing is honeycomb, from the fiberglass fabric (two layers hundred with a thickness of 4 mm each and one - 2,5 mm, summary thickness - 12 mm). Basic materials: D1G- T, Ei-'shchya (oxidizer tank), AMG-' (fuel tank), cast knots from AL -5, AL -9, AL -19, separately loaded - made of steel E0KHGSA.

Rocket was manufactured on the basis of the cooperation with the Smolensk aircraft plant. Some assemblies of rocket KSR-2 had a significant quantity of new it was main with the application of details from the plastics and some fiberglass materials.

KSR-II - with respect to KSR-2 has the following differences: - autonomous guidance system with PRLGSN; - they are changed: - arrangement it is main suspension, - the construction of fence in the tanks, - internal body GCHF and KHCHF; - are introduced the additional knots of suspension to the carrier.

The Badger G carries two AS-5 missiles suspended beneath its wings. Production of the missile is estimated to have begun in 1963, with IOC in 1965. It was first seen in 1966.

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