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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

15M69 / 15M69M - MZKT-7930 "Astrolog"
Machini Inzhenernogo Obespecenia i Maskirovki [MIOM]
Machine of Engineering Support and Camouflage (MIOM)

The Strategic Missile Forces continue to supply advanced weapons of engineering equipment to improve maneuverability and survivability of mobile-based combat missile systems, including the engineering support and concealment vehicle (MIOM) and the remote demining machine (MDM). The engineering support and masking machine is designed to perform engineering support tasks and mask the missile system as a whole, or its elements during combat duty on combat patrol routes and field positions.

The unit is designed and manufactured by TsTB "Titan" (Volgograd). It performs its tasks with the PGRK "Yars" or "Topol-M", as well as independently. If there is a need to relocate the missile system from point A to point B on the map, it is first necessary to find out whether the missile system can actually follow the path and take a position at that point. Are there not impassable bogs there, is not the wood road marked on the map littered with trees, are there any other obstacles to the work of the missile system?

Engineering reconnaissance is called upon to answer all these questions, and, of course, the relevant divisions exist for a long time in the structure of the Strategic Missile Forces. However, until recently, the technical equipment of these services remained, let's say, at an insufficiently high level. Engineering reconnaissance groups moved on the regular army "Ural", and the sappers had a large share of manual labor.

The 15M69 (MIOM-M) car is built on the basis of the MZKT-7930 chassis "Astrolog" of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, the one that builds for the Russian Army a number of heavy wheel platforms, including tractors for "Topoli" and "Yarsy" ( chassis MZKT-79221). In MIOM, the 8 x 8 scheme is used, with the two front axles equipped with steering wheels. The tractor is equipped with a supposedly 500-horsepower 12-cylinder diesel engine. So, if the rocket tractor still gets stuck, MIOM will have enough power to pull it out from anywhere, and at the same time (of course, with the help of a winch).

The machine has a three-section structure: in the front part there is a control compartment with the driver's workplace, then there is a residential compartment (kung) for personnel and, finally, a cargo body. One of the main distinguishing features of the new engineering machine is a high degree of autonomy. It not only has a decent fuel reserve, but also provides for three days of daily life, rest, meals and health care calculation of eight people. By army standards inside the cabin is quite comfortable - facilities for personnel resemble a compartment of a passenger train. Four berths for alternate resting calculations and a small kitchen.

MIOM is equipped with a cargo body, where metal containers are stored. In just five minutes, with the help of a compressor powered by a diesel power plant, the contents of the containers turn into inflatable models, identical in appearance and size to rocket tractors. "False Division" is designed to deceive the observer from the height of the enemy. Another masking device is a grader device attached to the stern of the machine. It not only helps to cope with snow debris, but also gently sweeps out traces of rocket tractors that have just passed through the snowy or dirt road.

The means of camouflage and imitation available in the MIOM provide for carrying out activities to hide and simulate the missile complex in the field positions, distorting the traces of movement of the aggregates of the complex immediately after their employment by missile battalions, including the rolling of traces to false positions and objects. MIOM is used to perform engineering tasks of camouflage and imitation, which ensure the implementation of measures to hide and simulate the missile complex at field positions, distortion of traces of movement of aggregates of the complex immediately after their employment by missile battalions, including the rolling of tracks to false positions and objects. slope and location of aggregates using a navigation system.

MIOM 15M69 was adopted for service and since 2009 has been received by the Strategic Missile Forces. By July 2012, the engineering divisions of the Teikovsky missile connection were equipped with similar units. In 2013, these machines were delivered to the Teikovo missile compound (Ivanovo region). Now three of the missile regiments of this division are equipped with engineering and masking machines by 100%. In 2014, 7 such universal machines, which have no analogues in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, will go to the Novosibirsk and Tagil missile compounds re-equipped for the Yars missile system. In addition, in the Teykov missile division this year, the delivery of two machines for the remote demining of MDF "Leaf" was planned.

In December 2012, on the basis of the 1st state testing range of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Plesetsk Space Center), successful State tests of the modernized MIOM-M machine. Modernization of the MIOM has been carried out in several directions - both units of the unit itself (gearbox, electrical installation) and the imitation tools used - the machine will use inflatable mock-ups for various purposes. The first samples of the MIOM-M machines were delivered in January-February 2013 to the Teikovo missile connection. Until 2020, in accordance with the state contract, SMB connections will receive about 50 engineering support vehicles and camouflage.

The implementation of MIOM ensures the accomplishment of such tasks as engineering reconnaissance of combat patrolling routes and field positions, including assessment of the bearing capacity of their ground bases, checking the dimensions of the patency of routes and areas, and, if necessary, their restoration (broadening). With the help of this technique, engineering reconnaissance of mine-blasting obstacles and mine clearance are carried out; clearing roads in the field position and their layout.

Also, MIOM is used in engineering tasks - camouflage and imitation, determining the terrain and location of aggregates using a navigation system, determining the carrying capacity of road bridges on combat patrol routes using a measurement system to check permanent bridges. The capabilities of MIOM are used to conduct radiation and chemical reconnaissance and perform other tasks.

Taking into account the importance of accomplishing the tasks of ensuring combat alert and nuclear safety, along the lines of the chiefs of the engineering troops of the military districts, in 2014 the Strategic Missile Forces also plans to supply 20 engineering units and 25 tons of engineering equipment. Among the engineering equipment supplied are wheel riders on wheeled tractors, universal mine protectors, excavators, truck cranes and various electrical equipment.

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