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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


UNSCOM and Iraqi Missiles

Iraqi Delivery Systems - 2003 Prewar Estimates

Iraq Survey Group Findings (2004)

DesignationsPropellantRangeIOC inventoryComment
Ababil-100 solid100-150 km Condor derivative
Al Fat'h solid> 150 km Condor derivative
Al Samoud liquid150 km SA-2 derivative
Al Samoud II liquid> 150 km SA-2 derivative
Scud-B liquid300 km
Al Fahd 300 J-1solid + liquid300 km SA-2 derivative
Al Fahd 500 solid + liquid500 km SA-2 derivative
Al Husseinal-Husayn liquid600 km ? 6-50Scud-derivative
Al Hijarahliquid750 km Scud-derivative
Al Abbas liquid900 km Scud-derivative
Badr-2000Project 395 solid Condor II - Egypt & Argentina
Project 144Project 1728 liquid2,000 km
Tammuz-1 liquid2,000 km
Al AbidTammuz-2 liquid3,000 km space launch vehicle
MiG-21turbojet+ 640 kmConverted jet trainer
L-29turbojet+ 640 kmConverted jet trainer
Al Musayara-20piston500 kmUAV
Al Quds Programpiston/jet> 150 kmUAV
Al 'Ubur SAMsolid> 150 kmSAM
Jininsolid1,000 kmHY-2 anti-ship cruise missile
Al Fawsolid>150 kmHY-2 anti-ship cruise missile

Both the Al Abid and Tammouz programmes drew considerably on foreign expertise, particularly from a Brazilian specialist, Major General Hugo de Oliveira Piva. Formerly director of Brazilís Aerospace Technology Centre and the leader of Brazilís programme to convert the Sonda IV sounding rocket into a nuclear-capable IRBM, Piva and a 23-man team were hired by Iraq in the late 1980s and were reported to have been assisted by the 'Super Gun' designer Dr Gerald Bull. Pivaís team left Iraq on the eve of the 1990 Gulf War, but it is interesting to note that he has since reportedly offered their services to Iran.


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