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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Pokhran [Pokharan / Pokaran]
IKONOS IMAGERY - 03 February 2000

Site C

Site A and Site C are surrounded by multiple layers of perimeter barriers, and have a rectangular structures which intersects the inferred cable lines at the center of the fenced perimeter. This fits the profile of a underground nuclear test shaft location, and the configuration resembles the layout that was used for vertical shaft tests at the US Nevada Test Site.

A comparison of the 1996 pre-test SPIN-2 imagery and the 2000 post-test IKONOS imagery discloses essentially no changes in the appearance of this site, apart from minor discrepancies in vegetation cover. There are no features that can be associated with any of the nuclear test ground-truth photographs publised by the Government of India, and no alterations in the appearance of this site that might be hypothesized to have resulted from the conduct of an underground nuclear test.

Pokhran Satellite Imagery
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Khetolai Military Range

Khetolai Military Range - Overview

Khetolai Military Range - Overview

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