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Musudan-ri/Musudan-ni Missile Test Facility


In mid-June 2006 news reports suggested that the DPRK might conduct a test of the long range Taep'o-dong-2 missile as early as 17 June 2006. Commercial satellite imagery of the Musudan-ri test facility acquired in late May 2006 indicated an unsual level of vehicular activity at this facility, but did not disclose unambiguous indicators of an impending test.

The Musudan-ri facility consisted of only the most essential equipment necessary to conduct missile tests. The main testing range covered approximately 2 square kilometers, and inside that area were a missile assembly / checkout building, missile control building and a launch pad. Outside that perimeter, to the southeast, there was also a static rocket motor test stand.

At 54 meters in length, the missile assembly / checkout building could comfortably house a Taep'o-dong-2 (TD-2) ballistic missile, North Korea's most advanced missile. However, the facility lacked some important features necessary to support an intensive testing program. The imagery revealed few, if any, storage facilities or barracks, creating the impression that test materials and personnel had to be imported from outside the area. The lack of any significant transportation infrastructure complicated this notion. The vast majority of the roads in and around the facility were not paved, and the nearest port, at Kimchaek, could not support any intensive shipping activities. The area also lacked an accessible airport.

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CIA map of
The Korean Peninsula.

Tactical Pilotage Chart indicating the general location of the No Dong facility.
CIB Imagery from 24 January 1995.
Digital Globe Image of the entire facility 15 February 2002.
Ikonos image depicting the main
testing range 2 November 2000.

Digital Globe image from
15 February 2002 reveals no new development.
Imagery of Assembly Building
Imagery of Launch Control Center
Imagery of Launch Pad
Imagery of the static rocket motor test-stand

Imagery of the Ground Tracking Facility

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