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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KN-07? & KN-11, No-dong-B / Musudan

By (c) Charles P. Vick, 2004, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

March 10, 2007/4-16-13/ 5-9-15/5-12-15


The opinions and evaluations stated here in are only the author’s and cannot be construed to reflect those of any Government agency, company, institute or association. It is based on public information, circumstantial evidence, informed speculation, declassified U.S. intelligence community documents, official Iranian, Pakistani and North Korean government documents and histories, oral histories, interviews and engineering analysis. As with all data regarding the Iranian, Pakistani and North Korean strategic space and ballistic missile programs, this analysis is subject to revision--and represents a work in progress.

KN-07? & KN-11, NO-DONG-B of North Korea , Iran

U. S., Republic of South Korea Designation KN-07? & KN-11, No-dong-B, Mirim,Musudan
System Mobile land based IRBM
Range (km)
(Statute Miles)
3,200-3,860 demonstrated ****
(1,988– 2,398****)
CEP (km) 1.3 estimated?
Diameter (m) 1.5*
Height (m) 12****
Height without warhead (m) ~10.21 -- 9.4
Launch Weight (kg) ~ 19,564 - 20,654 **, ***
Stage Mass (kg) 18,906.50 (19,000.)- 20,000 **
Dry Weight (kg)
missile loaded

missile stage

2,797 (2,796.2388)**

~1,900 - 2,000 - 2,146
2,146 (2,146.7462) **
Guidance Inertial*
Engines (Closed Cycle) Isayev OKB derived
Main Chamber (kg f) SL
Verniers (kg f) SL
Total (kg f) SL

Thrust Vac. 29,600**
g’s acceleration launch 1.37 - 1.3 ***
Thrust Chambers (main) 1*
Steering Vernier Thrust Chambers 2-4*
Stages 1
Burn Time (sec.) 168 -179 (180)
Cut Off Velocity (m/sec) 5,425 – 5,486*****
Impact Velocity (m/sec) 300 @ 50 degrees*
Isp SL
Propellants hypergolic storable
Fuel UDMH (1) *
Oxidizer IRFNA (2) *
Propellant Mass (kg) 16,760.50 - 17,857.61
Propellant Flow Rate (kg/sec) ~100 (99.82)
Warhead design Mass (kg) 650* (3)
950-1,000 kg?
Warhead number 1*
HE Warhead yield (MT) 1?
Warhead length (m) 1.79 – 2.6

1. Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine
2. Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid
3. Derived from the SERB SS-N-6, (R-27, R-27K series)
4. Received from Makayev OKB of the former Soviet Union in 1988 -1989.
5. Second or third generation nuclear warhead?
6. No-Dong-B uses a trade off of launch weight increase to obtain the longer range performance from the R-27, R-27K base line missile design
SL – Sea Level, Vac. Vacuum, Isp. Specific Impulse
* All based on Russian data
** Based on rocket equations derived analysis results.
***Assigned data point based on what North Korea did to gain the higher range performance and the basic standards used in the field for launch acceleration g’s (6)
**** Based on released intelligence data
***** Velocity requirement for range performance

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