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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Type 094 Jin-class History

In 1967, according to the requirements of national security, the Navy began to develop strategic nuclear submarines and submerged missiles. This is the Type 092 strategic nuclear potential. The boat, the first boat began construction in 1970, was delivered to the Navy in 1983, and successfully completed the underwater missile test in 1988. Through the development of the Type 092 strategic nuclear submarine, relevant units in China have overcome and mastered a series of key technologies such as strategic nuclear submarine design and construction, submarine missile development, missile underwater launch, strategic nuclear submarine command and control, submarine communication and navigation, etc., for the further development of the future.

However, due to the limitations of the technical strength at that time, the tactical and technical indicators of the Type 092 were relatively low. For example, the submarine's noise is relatively high, the degree of automation is low, and the submarine-launched missile has a relatively close range. The actual combat performance is compared with the strategic nuclear submarine in the same period. There are still some gaps and other issues.

In the late 1980s, shortly after the first generation of nuclear submarines launched, the Chinese navy and related units began to develop second-generation nuclear submarines. The first system to be developed is a nuclear power plant. The R&D department has established that the new power system should have the characteristics of high power, long life, high reliability and high degree of automation. It should have strong natural circulation capability to improve the tactical technology of strategic nuclear submarines. index. However, the development of new nuclear submarines, especially nuclear power systems, requires a large amount of economic and technological input. Because China’s national defense military gave way to the impact of economic construction policies at the time, it was difficult to bear at the same time, and technical research also took a long time, so it was not timely. The development of the second generation of nuclear submarines has led to slow progress in related work.

In 1994, China officially started the development of the second-generation nuclear submarine. It was designed by the Wuhan Second Ship Design Institute (719) of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. Due to the blank period of more than 10 years, the brain drain was serious. The boat is still technically still very satisfactory, especially the reactor can only be an improved version of the first generation of nuclear submarines. The reactor power is still relatively low compared to the world's active submarine reactors. Facing the reality of the second generation of nuclear submarines, this power is increasing. The deficiency is more obvious.

In 1996, the Type 094 strategic nuclear submarine was established. In the mid-1990s, China upgraded the Type 092 submarine to 092M. Therefore, the 092M model became the development platform of the Type 094. The new modification measures and test results were widely used in the Type 094. The Chinese Navy proposed at the time that the specific plan for the development of a new generation of nuclear submarines was divided into two parts. One was to develop a new type of submarine-launched ballistic missile, the Julang-2, which is compatible with the new generation of strategic nuclear submarines; the second is to develop more advanced A new generation of attack nuclear submarines, the Type 093 attack nuclear submarine, is then built on the basis of the larger 094 strategic nuclear submarine.

In 1999, the first type of 094 strategic nuclear submarine was built in China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Bohai Shipyard), Huludao City, Liaoning Province, China. It was completed in July 2004 and launched in 2002-2003/2004. The completion of extreme deep diving, underwater high-speed, deep-sea launching and other trials and assessments, is expected to form combat effectiveness in 2010-2015 [9] . [4] [6] The Type 094 strategic nuclear submarine was first discovered in the naval bases of Qingdao, Shandong and Sanya, Hainan. In the summer of 2007, Google Maps updated some of China’s satellite maps, and two ships did not appear. The new type of ballistic missile submarine of the Ming model is different from the Type 092 in the photo. The two ships are generally considered to be Type 094 submarines. The photo shows that the boat is equipped with 12 ballistic missile launchers.

In 2008, the US Department of Defense’s China Military Report concluded that the Type 094 was in service. In 2016, a suspected Type 094A strategic nuclear submarine appeared in a certain place in China. The boat has a new improvement over the shape of the previous Type 094 nuclear submarine, that is, the fillet is used at the joint between the front end of the shell and the hull of the podium. The portholes were also cancelled.

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