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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Nuclear Facilities

BaotouPao-t'ou202 Plant4038'N 10959'Ematerials and component
Baitao Township Fuling District 816 Nuclear Military Plant plutonium production reactor
Benxi uranium mine
ChangbiaoXiapu 2647N 12009Ebreeder reactors
ChenxianChengxian / Ch'eng-hsien 2548'N 11302'Euranium mine
ChongqingCh'ung-ch'ing3038'N10340'Eexperimental nuclear reactor
Chongyi uranium mine
Chengdu3040'N 10404'E gas centrifuge enrichment
Dapu Dabu 712 Mine 2439'N 10914'E uranium mine
DonghuangyuanTung-hua-Yuan4022'N11550'Econventional explosives testing
Fuzhou2759'N11621'Emining and metalurgy
GuangyuanKuang-yuan821 Plant3226'N10552'Eplutonium production reactor
HaiyanHai-yen / Koko Nor9th Academy3657'N10055'Edesign and fabrication
Harbin ??? 4545'N 12639'E warhead assembly and production
HeipingChin-k'ou-ho / Chinkouko2918'N10304'Euranium gaseous diffusion plant
Helan Shan 905 Plant 3830'N 10606'E beryllium production
Hengyang414 Plant2654'N11236'Euranium oxide production
Jiangsu???7th Institute??design institute
JiajiangNan'an, Longmen Mountain909 Base2946'N10328'Epower reactor development
JiuquanYumen / Subei404 Plant4015'N9721'Eplutonium production reactor
LanzhouLan-chou504 Plant3609'N10329'Egaseous diffusion plant
Lantian uranium mine
LianxianLianzhou / Lin-hsien2448'N 11225'Euranium mine
Linxian uranium mine
Lop Nor21 Base4130'N8830'Etest site
Malan 21 Base test support
Mianyang / ZitongMien-yang / Tzu-t'ungCAEP3128'N10446'Eweapons design
Quinglong uranium mine
Shangrao2828'N11758'Euranium mine
TongxianT'ung-hsien5th Institute3955'N11639'Euranium mine
TuoliCIAE 601/401 Institute3948'N11603'Eresearch and development
Xi'anSian / Hsi-anNINT3416'N10854'Enuclear test support
Tengchong uranium mine
YibinI-pan812 Plant2846'N10434'Eplutonium processing
Yining uranium mine

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