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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Hengyang Uranium Processing Mill (HUPM)
Plant 414 / Plant 272
2654'N 11236'E

Dongyangdu, Hengyang, Hunan 
P.O.Box 3 Hengyang, Hunan 
Post Code 421004 
Tel (0734)8356300 
Fax (0734)8356448 
Telex 992007 
Cable 1011 Hengyang 

Hengyang Uranium Processing Mill (HUPM), built in 1958 in Hunan Province, was the first large-scale uranium processing and purifying mill in China. Initially designated Plant 414, the plant was subsequently redesignated Plant 272. Main Products include Uranium dioxide (UO2), uranous-uranic oxide (U3O8), sodium carbonate, sodium nitrate, titania powder, andammonium molybdate. The Mill covers an area of 6 400 000 m2, and the storehouse has a capacity of 40 thousand tons, a tailings dam with an area of 1,400,000 m2 for treating waste water and sludge and a special railway line. The Mill has two locomotives, 300 private railway carriages, and over 100 freight vehicles. The fixed assets amount to 250 million yuan RMB, and has more than 4,200 employees, of which 700 are technical personnel, including 100 senior engineers. The companies of the Mill are involved in construction and installation, transportation, electro-mechanic equipment installation, mechanized construction, instrumentation and equipment maintenance. They provide various kinds of services at home and abroad, including manufacture, installation and maintenance of electro-mechanic equipment; transportation; manufacture of non-standard equipment; building construction; earth and rock work, etc. The Mill has won provincial or ministerial awards, and conferred honourable titles such as National Grade-A Measuring Unit and National Grade-B Enterprise by the State or Province.

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