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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Historical United States Nuclear Weapons


WeaponDelivery PlatformYield# Produced
The GadgetExperimental Device19.6 KT1
Mk.1 "Little Boy"Pre-Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)15 KT5
Mk.3A "Fat Man"Pre-Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)22 KT6
Mk.3A Model 1561 Experimental Device21 KT1
Mk.3B Mod.0 Y1 Pre-Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)18 KT20
Mk.3B Mod.0 Y2 Pre-Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)21 KT20
Mk.3B Mod.1 ;Pre-Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)37 KT40
Mk.3B Mod.2 Pre-Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)49 KT40
Mk.4 Mod.0 Y1Tactical Free-Fall Bomb1 KT550
Mk.4 Mod.0 Y2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb3.5 KT|||
Mk.4 Mod.1 Y1Tactical Free-Fall Bomb8 KT|||
Mk.4 Mod.1 Y2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb14 KT|||
Mk.4 Mod.2 Y1Tactical Free-Fall Bomb21 KT|||
Mk.4 Mod.2 Y2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb22 KT|||
Mk.4 Mod.2 Y3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb31 KT|||
Mk.4NTactical Free-Fall Bomb31 KT100
XW5 X1Tactical Free-Fall Bomb (Prototype)60 KT
Mk.5 Mod.0 Y1 Tactical Free-Fall Bomb "Bradbury"6 KT140
Mk.5 Mod.0 Y2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb "Bradbury"16 KT|||
Mk.5 Mod.1 Y1 Tactical Free-Fall Bomb "Bradbury"55 KT|||
Mk.5 Mod.1 Y2 Tactical Free-Fall Bomb "Bradbury"60 KT|||
Mk.5 Mod.2 Tactical Free-Fall Bomb "Bradbury"100 KT|||
Mk.5 Mod.3 Tactical Free-Fall Bomb "Bradbury"120 KT|||
W5 Mod.0 Y15 KT
W5 Mod.1 Y215KT
W5 Mod.2 Y3RGM-6A Regulus I SLCM40 KT65
W5 Mod.2 Y4MGM-1A Matador GLCM50 KT35
W5 Mod.3 Y5MGM-1C Matador GLCM100 KT(incl. In 65)
W5 Mod.3 Y6RGM-6B Regulus I SLCM120 KT(incl. In 35)
Mk.6 Mod.0Tactical Free-Fall Bomb8 KT1100
Mk.6 Mod.1Tactical Free-Fall Bomb22 KT|||
Mk.6 Mod.2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb26 KT|||
Mk.6 Mod.3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb31 KT|||
Mk.6 Mod.4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb80 KT|||
Mk.6 Mod.5Tactical Free-Fall Bomb154 KT|||
Mk.6 Mod.6Tactical Free-Fall Bomb160 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.0 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb8 KT1700 --- 1800
Mk.7 Mod.1 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb8 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.2 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb19 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.3 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb19 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.4 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb22 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.5 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb22 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.6 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb30 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.7 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb31 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.8 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb61 KT|||
Mk.7 Mod.9 "Thor"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb61 KT|||
W7 Mod.0 Y1BOAR ASM2 KT225
W7 Mod.1 Y2MGM-5A/B Corporal SSM5 KT300
W7 Mod.1 Y3MGM-5A/B Corporal SSM10 KT|||
W7 Mod.1 Y4MGM-5A/B Corporal SSM20 KT|||
W7 Mod.1 Y5MGM-5A/B Corporal SSM40 KT300
W7 Mod.2 Y6Mk.90 Betty NDB32 KT300
W7 Mod.3 Y7MADM0.09 KT225
W7 X1MIM-14B Nike-Hercules SAM2 KT
W7 X2MIM-14B Nike-Hercules SAM40 KT
Mk.8 Mod.1 "Elsie"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb25 KT20
Mk.8 Mod.2 "Elsie"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb30 KT20
Mk.9T-4 Atomic Demolition Munition
W9T-124 280mm AFAP15 KT80
B10Strategic Bomb [Never Deployed]
Mk.10 "Airburst Elsie"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb15 KT
Mk.11 Mod.1 "Elsie"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb25 KT20
Mk.11 Mod.2 "Elsie"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb30 KT20
Mk.12 Mod.1 "Brok"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb12 KT250
Mk.12 Mod.2 "Brok"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb14 KT|||
Mk.12 X1 "Brok"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb (Prototype)12 KT
Mk.12 X2 "Brok"Tactical Free-Fall Bomb (Prototype)14 KT
W12RIM-8D Talos SAM / Talos-W SAM Low KT
Mk.13Tactical Free-Fall Bomb 32 KT
W13PGM-11A Redstone SRBM / SM-62A Snark ICM
MikePrototype10 MT
B13Strategic Bomb [Never Deployed]
TX-14Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Prototype)6 MT5 incl Mk.14
Mk.14Strategic Free-Fall Bomb6 MT5
Mk.15 Mod.1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)1.69 MT1200
Mk.15 Mod.2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)3.8 MT|||
Mk.15 Mod.3Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)|||
W15SM-62A Snark ICM
TX-16Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Prototype)7 MT5
Mk.16Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)5
EC-17Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Deployed Prototype)11 MT5
Mk.17 Mod.1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)10 MT200
Mk.17 Mod.2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)12 MT|||
Mk.17 Mod.3Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)15 MT|||
Mk.18 Mod.1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb500 KT90
Mk.18 Mod.2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb500 KT|||
Mk.19T315 280mm AFAP15 KT80
Mk.20Tactical Free-Fall Bomb [Never Deployed]
Mk.21 Mod.1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb4 MT275
Mk.21 Mod.2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb4.5 MT|||
Mk.21 Mod.3Strategic Free-Fall Bomb5 MT|||
W21SM-64A Navaho GLCM (Not Deployed)
Mk.22Strategic-Free-Fall Bomb 1 MT
W23 Mod.0 "Katie"16" Shipborne AFAP20 KT50
W23 Mod.1 "Katie"Test Device (Project Plowshare)20 KT
EC-24Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Deployed Prototype)13.5 MT10
Mk.24 Mod.1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)10 MT105
Mk.24 Mod.2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)15 MT|||
W25 Mod.0AIR-2A Genie / X-17A1.7 KT3150
W25 Mod.1AIR-2A Genie 1.7 KT|||
Mk.26Strategic-Free-Fall Bomb
Mk.27 Mod.1Tactical Free-Fall Bomb700
Mk.27 Mod.2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb|||
Mk.27 Mod.3Strategic Free-Fall Bomb2 MT|||
W27RGM-6A/B Regulus I / RGM-15A Regulus II2 MT20
B28 Mod.1 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.1 MT4500
B28 Mod.1 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb350 KT|||
B28 Mod.1 Y3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb70 KT|||
B28 Mod.1 Y4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb|||
B28 Mod.1 Y5Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.45 MT|||
B28 Mod.2 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.1 MT|||
B28 Mod.2 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb350 KT|||
B28 Mod.2 Y3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb70 KT|||
B28 Mod.2 Y4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb|||
B28 Mod.2 Y5Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.45 MT|||
B28 Mod.3 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.1 MT|||
B28 Mod.3 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb350 KT|||
B28 Mod.3 Y3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb70 KT|||
B28 Mod.3 Y4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb|||
B28 Mod.3 Y5Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.45 MT|||
B28 Mod.4 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.1 MT|||
B28 Mod.4 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb350 KT|||
B28 Mod.4 Y3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb70 KT|||
B28 Mod.4 Y4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb|||
B28 Mod.4 Y5Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.45 MT|||
W28 Mod.111 KT100 (Mace) 900
W28 Mod.270 KT|||
W28 Mod.3350 KT|||
W28 Mod.4AGM-28A Hound Dog ALCM / MGM/CGM-13A/B Mace GLCM1.1 MT|||
W28 Mod.5AGM-28B Hound Dog ALCM1.45 MT|||
TX29Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)none
Mk.29Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)1.69 MT
W30 Mod.1RIM-8B Talos SAM5 KT300
W30 Mod.2RIM-8D Talos SAM5 KT|||
W30 Mod.3RIM-8G Talos SAM5 KT|||
W30 Mod.4 Y1Tactical Atomic Demolition Munition0.3 KT300
W30 Mod.4 Y2Tactical Atomic Demolition Munition0.5 KT|||
XW31 Y2 (ex-XW37)MGR-18A Honest John SSM / MIM-14B Nike-Hercules SAM
W31 Mod.0 Y1MGR-18A/B/C Honest John / MIM-14A/B/C Nike-Hercules 2 KT1825
W31 Mod.0 Y2MGR-18A/B/C Honest John / MIM-14A/B/C Nike-Hercules40 KT
W31 Mod.1 Y4Atomic Demolition Munition1 KT300
W31 Mod.2 Y1MIM-14A/B/C Nike-Hercules SAM2 KT1275
W31 Mod.2 Y2MIM-14A/B/C Nike-Hercules SAM40 KT
W31 Mod.2 Y5MIM-14A/B/C Nike-Hercules SAM (Non Stockpiled)12 KT
W31 Mod.3 Y3MGR-18A/B/C Honest John SSM / XLIM-49A Nike-Zeus ABM20 KT550
W32240 mm AFAP [Never Deployed]
W33 Mod.0 Y1M422 8" AFAP (= T-317)0.5 KT2000
W33 Mod.1 Y2M422 8" AFAP (= T-317)40 KT|||
W33 Mod.1 Y3M422 8" AFAP (= T-317)10 KT|||
W33 Mod.1 Y4M422 8" AFAP (= T-317)5 KT|||
Mk.34 "Lulu"Nuclear Depth Bomb11 KT2000
W34 Mod.1Mk.44 Astor Torpedo11 KT600
W34 Mod.2Mk.105 Hotpoint Laydown-Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)11 KT600
W35Atlas / Titan / Thor / Jupiter 1.75 MT
Mk.36 Mod.1 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Dirty9 MT940
Mk.36 Mod.1 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Clean9 MT|||
Mk.36 Mod.2 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Dirty10 MT|||
Mk.36 Mod.2 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Clean10 MT|||
W37MIM-14C Nike-Zeus ABM
W38CGM-16E Atlas E ICBM / HGM-25A Titan I ICBM4.5 MT180
Mk.39 Mod.1 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)3 MT700
Mk.39 Mod.1 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)4 MT|||
Mk.39 Mod.2 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)3 MT|||
Mk.39 Mod.2 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)4 MT|||
Mk.39 Mod.3 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)3 MT|||
Mk.39 Mod.3 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)4 MT|||
W39 Y1PGM-11A Redstone SRBM / SM-62A Snark ICM1 MT60
W39 Y2PGM-11A Redstone SRBM3.8 MT30
W40 Mod.1 Y1CIM-10A Bomarc A / MIM-10A Bomarc A / YIM-99A Bomarc10 KT350
W40 Mod.1 Y2CIM-10B Bomarc B SAM / MIM-10B Bomarc B SAM|||
W40 Mod.2 Y1MGM-18A Lacrosse SRBM1.7 KT400
W40 Mod.2 Y2MGM-18A Lacrosse SRBM10 KT|||
B41Strategic Free-Fall Bomb
Mk.41 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)25 MT500
Mk.41 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)25 MT|||
W42GAR-8 AAM / Hawk SAM
B43 Mod.1 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)1 MT1000
B43 Mod.1 Y2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb100 KT|||
B43 Mod.1 Y3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb200 KT|||
B43 Mod.1 Y4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb70 KT|||
B43 Mod.1 Y5Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)500 KT|||
B43 Mod.2 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)1 MT|||
B43 Mod.2 Y2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb100 KT|||
B43 Mod.2 Y3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb200 KT|||
B43 Mod.2 Y4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb70 KT|||
B43 Mod.2 Y5Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)500 KT|||
Mk.43Nuclear Depth Bomb10 KT
W44RUR-5A Mod.5 ASROC1 KT575
W45 Y1RIM-2D Terrier / MGR-3A/XM51 Little John / Medium ADM 1 KT
W45 Y2Medium ADM0.5 KT
W45 Y3AGM-12D Bullpup B5 KT
W45 Y4AGM-12D Bullpup B / (Little John SSM) / Terrier / MADM8 KT
W45 Y5MGR-3A Little John / XM51 Little John10 KT
W45 Y6AGM-12D Bullpup-B / MGR-3A Little John / XM51 Little John15 KT
Mk.46 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb
Mk.46 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb
EC-47Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.2 MT300
W47 Y1UGM-27A Polaris A-1 / Polaris A-X / Polaris A-1-X600 KT1060
W47 Y2UGM-27B Polaris A-2 (Mk.1 RV) SLBM1.2 MT|||
W48 Mod.0M454 155mm AFAP0.072 KT925
W48 Mod.1M454 155mm AFAP0.072 KT135
W49 Mod.0 Y1CGM-16D Atlas D ICBM / Titan / PGM-17A Thor IRBM / Jupiter1 MT
W49 Mod.1 Y2CGM-16D Atlas D ICBM / Jupiter / PGM-17A Thor IRBM1.45 MT
W49 Mod.2 Y11 MT
W49 Mod.3 Y2PGM-17A Thor IRBM / PGM-19A Jupiter IRBM1.45 MT
W49 Mod.4 Y21.45 MT
W49 Mod.5 Y2PGM-19A Jupiter IRBM1.45 MT
W49 Mod.6 Y21.45 MT
W50 Mod.1 Y1MGM-31A Pershing I / XMGM-31A Pershing I60 KT280
W50 Mod.1 Y2MGM-31A Pershing I / XMGM-31A Pershing I200 KT|||
W50 Mod.1 Y3MGM-31A Pershing I / XMGM-31A Pershing I400 KT|||
W50 Mod.2 Y1MGM-31B Pershing IA SRBM60 KT|||
W50 Mod.2 Y2MGM-31B Pershing IA SRBM200 KT|||
W50 Mod.2 Y3MGM-31B Pershing IA SRBM400 KT|||
W51(became XW54)0.022 KT
W52 Mod.1 Y1MGM-29A Sergeant SRBM 60 KT
W52 Mod.1 Y2MGM-29A Sergeant SRBM 200 KT
W52 Mod.2 Y1MGM-29A Sergeant SRBM 60 KT
W52 Mod.2 Y2MGM-29A Sergeant SRBM 200 KT
W52 Mod.3 Y1MGM-29A Sergeant SRBM60 KT300
W52 Mod.3 Y2MGM-29A Sergeant SRBM200 KT|||
B53 Mod.1 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Dirty9 MT350
B53 Mod.1 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Clean9 MT|||
B53 Mod.2 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Dirty9 MT|||
B53 Mod.2 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Clean9 MT|||
B53 Mod.3 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Dirty9 MT|||
B53 Mod.3 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Clean9 MT|||
B53 Mod.4 Y1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Dirty9 MT|||
B53 Mod.4 Y2Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded) / Clean9 MT|||
W53LGM-25C Titan II / XLGM-25C Titan II9 MT
XW54 (Ex-W51)0.022 KT
W54 Mod.0AIM-26A Nuclear Falcon / XAIM-26A Nuclear Falcon0.25 KT1000-2000
W54 Mod.1 Y1M388 Davy Crockett / SADM0.01 KT
W54 Mod.1 Y2M388 Davy Crockett AFAP / SADM0.02 KT
W54 Mod.1 Y3SADM1 KT
W55UUM-44A Subroc ASW250 KT285
W56 Mod.1LGM-30B Minuteman I1.2 MT545
W56 Mod.2LGM-30B Minuteman I1.2 MT|||
W56 Mod.3LGM-30F Minuteman II1.2 MT|||
W56 Mod.4LGM-30F Minuteman II1.2 MT455
B57 Mod.0Tactical Free-Fall Bomb5 KT
B57 Mod.1Tactical Free-Fall Bomb10 KT3100
B57 Mod.2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb10 KT|||
B57 Mod.3Tactical Free-Fall Bomb15 KT|||
B57 Mod.4Tactical Free-Fall Bomb15 KT|||
B57 Mod.5Tactical Free-Fall Bomb20 KT|||
Mk.57Nuclear Depth Bomb10 KT
W57AGM-48A Skybolt1 MT
W58UGM-27C Polaris A-3200 KT644
W59AGM-48A Skybolt ALBM / LGM-30A/B Minuteman I ICBM 1 MT150
W60RIM-50A S Typhon LR Shipborne SAMVery low
B61 Mod.0Tactical Free-Fall Bomb100 KT
B61 Mod.1Strategic Free-Fall Bomb1.1 MT
B61 Mod.2Tactical Free-Fall Bomb200 KT
B61 Mod.3Strategic Free-Fall Bomb0.3 / 1.5 / 60 / 170 KT
B61 Mod.4Strategic Free-Fall Bomb0.3 / 1.5 / 10 / 45 KT
B61 Mod.5Tactical Free-Fall Bomb300 KT
B61 Mod.6 Free-Fall Bomb KT
B61 Mod.7Strategic Free-Fall Bomb10 / ? / 340 KT
B61 Mod.8 Free-Fall Bomb~1 / 10 / 100 / 345 KT
B61 Mod.9 Free-Fall Bomb10 / 100/ 345 / 500 KT
B61 Mod.10Tactical Free-Fall Bomb0.3 / 5 / 10 / 80 KT
B61 Mod.11Strategic Free-Fall Bomb0.3? / ? / 340 KT
W61EPW (earth penetrating warhead)0.3 / 5 / 10 / 80 KT
W62LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM170 KT610
W63Lance [ER] [Cancelled]
W64Sentinel ABM // Cancelled
W65XLIM-100A Sprint ABM [Cancelled]5 KT
W66XLIM-100A Sprint ABM1 KT70
W67Minuteman III Mk17 / Poseidon C3 Mk17 [Cancelled]2 MT
W68UGM-73A Poseidon C-3 SLBM40 KT5,250
W69AGM-69A SRAM200 KT1,500
W70 Mod.0XMGM-52A/B / MGM-52C Lance SSM 1 KT900
W70 Mod.1XMGM-52A/B / MGM-52C Lance SSM 10 KT|||
W70 Mod.2XMGM-52A/B / MGM-52C Lance SSM 100 KT|||
W70 Mod.3MGM-52C Lance SSM (ER)0.75 KT190
W70 Mod.4MGM-52C Lance SSM (ER)1.25 KT190
W71LIM-49A Spartan ABM5 MT30
W72AGM-62A Walleye Mk.6 Mod.0 Glide-Bomb0.625 KT300
W73Condor ASM --- Cancelled
W74 Y1AFAP --- Cancelled0.1 - KT
W74 Y2AFAP --- Cancelled0.1 - KT
W758" AFAP --- Cancelled2 KT // 0.1+ KT
W76UGM-96A Trident I C-4 (Mk.4 MIRV) SLBM100 KT3,072
B77Strategic Free-Fall Bomb [Cancelled]~40 kt to 1 mt
W78LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM335 KT1,083
W79 Mod.0 Y1M753 8" AFAP (ER)0.1 KT325
W79 Mod.0 Y2M753 8" AFAP (ER)0.7 KT|||
W79 Mod.0 Y3M753 8" AFAP (ER)1.1 KT|||
W79 Mod.1M753 8" AFAP (ER)0.8 KT225
W80 Mod.0BGM-109A Tomahawk SLCM200 KT376
W80 Mod.1AGM-86A ALCM / AGM-86B ALCM / AGM-129A ACM200 KT1,750
W81RIM-66M Standard SAM / RIM-67D Standard SAM1 KT
W82 Mod.0M785 155mm AFAP (ER)0.7 KT
W82 Mod.1M785 155mm AFAPminus 2 KT
B83Strategic Free-Fall Bomb (Parachute-Retarded)Up to 1.2 MT650
W84BGM-109G Tomahawk GLCM200 KT560
W85MGM-31C Pershing II40 KT120
W86MGM-31C Pershing II (EP)20 KT
W87MGM-118A / LGM-118A Peacekeeper ICBM 335 KT525
W87-1MGM-xxx Small ICBM 335 KT525
W88UGM-133A Trident II D-5 (Mk.5 MIRV)475 KT5,992
W91 Y1AGM-131B SRAM-T10 KT
W91 Y2AGM-131B SRAM-T100 KT
Mk.90 "Betty"Nuclear Depth Bomb30 KT
Mk.101Nuclear Depth Bomb5 KT
Mk.105 HotpointNuclear Depth Bomb5 KT

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