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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

W31 Nuclear warhead

The W31 was an American nuclear warhead used in missiles and nuclear munitions. The W31 was produced since 1959, the latest modifications were withdrawn from service in 1989. All modifications had approximately the same weight and dimensions: diameter 0.71 - 0.76 m, length 0.99 - 1.0 m, weight 390 - 410 kg. W31 was a boosted fissionable nuclear charge.

The Nike Hercules - anti-aircraft missile system, which was deployed around American cities, as well as in Europe and Japan. Most (though not all) of these missiles were equipped with nuclear warheads. Three modifications of combat units with the power of 2, 20 and 40 kt were used. A total of 2,550 warheads of these modifications were produced.

The MGR-1 Honest John was a tactical missile, which was in service with the US Army. In 1954, the Honest John missile entered the inventory. It delivered a 10- to 60-KT warhead and also had a conventional capability. The Honest John was transported on a modified 5-ton truck or special trailer launcher and was armed with the same W7 warhead as the Corporal. In 1958, the more efficient W31 warhead replaced the W7 and remained in service until the Honest John was replaced by the Lance missile system in 1974. The Honest John used three modifications of the W31 combat unit with a capacity of 2, 20 and 40 kilotons, which were in service from 1959 to 1987. A total of 1,650 combat units were produced for Honest John.

From 1960 to 1965, 300 W31 warheads were stored for use as nuclear bombs. Information about them is practically absent, it is assumed that the power was about 2 kt.

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