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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

March 2007 - Taiwan Special Weapons News

  • U.S. URGED NOT TO FORGET ITS PLEDGES TO TAIWAN CNA 28 Mar 2007 -- Taiwan welcomes any U.S. advocacy or proposals that are conducive to cross-Taiwan Strait peace and regional stability, but also hopes that the United States will not forget its commitments to Taiwan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Chien-yeh said Wednesday.
  • WASHINGTON TAKES CHEN'S 'FIVE NOES' PLEDGES SERIOUSLY: U.S. OFFICIAL CNA 28 Mar 2007 -- The United States takes seriously ROC President Chen Shui-bian's commitments to U.S. President George W. Bush not to move in the direction of unilateral changes to the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan's status, Thomas Christensen, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, said Tuesday.
  • Proposed Changes to Taiwan Constitution Provoke Beijing's Ire VOA 28 Mar 2007 -- A private Taiwan research institute's proposal to rewrite the island's constitution has provoked a heated response from a Chinese official, an indication of how sensitive Beijing is to the slightest hint that Taiwan might be moving toward formal independence
  • PRESIDENT CALLS FOR INDEPENDENCE IN ARMS PRODUCTION ABILITY CNA 27 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian said Tuesday that the results of the indigenous defense fighter (IDF) upgrade program operated by the Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) has proved that Taiwan is capable of developing and making weapons on its own.
  • UPGRADED IDF JET FIGHTERS TO MAKE DEBUT CNA 26 Mar 2007 -- An upgraded indigenous defense fighter (IDF), known locally as the Ching-kuo jet fighter in memory of the late President Chiang Ching-kuo, will make its debut at an Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC) plant in central Taiwan Tuesday.
  • U.S. LOOKS FORWARD TO CONTINUED CLOSE TIES WITH TAIWAN: STATE DEP'T CNA 21 Mar 2007 -- The U.S. State Department, in its first official comment on the replacement of Taiwan's representative in Washington, D.C., said Tuesday that the United States looks forward to continued close, beneficial ties with the people of Taiwan.
  • PRESIDENT: TAIWAN, U.S., CHINA SHOULD MANAGE PEACE IN TAIWAN STRAIT CNA 20 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian said Tuesday that Taiwan, the United States and China should jointly manage the "peace, security and stability in the Taiwan Strait."
  • SOLDIERS MUST RUN 3 KM IN 15 MINUTES 6 MONTHS AFTER ENROLLING CNA 20 Mar 2007 -- All military recruits must complete a 3km run in 15 minutes, six months after enrolling, Ministry of National Defense (MND) spokesman Wu Chi-fang said Tuesday.
  • PRC ready to reopen talks with Taiwan if one China recognized RIA Novosti 20 Mar 2007 -- The Chinese leadership is ready to resume negotiations with Taiwan if Taiwanese authorities recognize the "one China" principle, the Chinese president said Tuesday.
  • 'FOUR WANTS' REMAINS LIVE ISSUE IN TAIWAN-U.S. TIES: OUTGOING ENVOY CNA 19 Mar 2007 -- The "four wants, one without" doctrine recently touted by President Chen Shui-bian remains an issue of concern between Taiwan and the United States, the outgoing Taiwan representative to Washington, D.C. said Sunday.
  • TAIWAN SEEKING TO REINFORCE RELATIONS WITH U.S.: FOREIGN MINISTER CNA 19 Mar 2007 -- Visiting Republic of China Minister of Foreign Affairs James Huang laid emphasis Sunday on reinforcing Taiwan's relations with the United States, pledging that his ministry will go all out to enhance bilateral contacts.
  • COMPULSORY MILITARY SERVICE TO BE SHORTENED TO 14 MONTHS CNA 15 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian said Thursday that compulsory military service will be shortened to 14 months from the present 16 months starting July 1.
  • PRESIDENT ISSUES `ONE CALL, TWO REQUIREMENTS' CNA 14 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian issued what he described as "one call, two requirements" Wednesday regarding the Beijing regime on the second anniversary of the enactment of its so-called Anti-Secession Law against Taiwan.
  • MND DISMISSES REPORTS THAT MISSILES COULD COVER SHANGHAI CNA 13 Mar 2007 -- The Ministry of National Defense (MND) denied Tuesday that Taiwan is scheduled to produce 500 Hsiungfeng 2E missiles that will bring Shanghai within its firing range.
  • DEFENSE MINISTER HAS NO PLANS TO REJOIN KMT CNA 12 Mar 2007 -- Minister of National Defense Lee Jye said Monday that he will not seek to have his membership of the main opposition Kuomintang (KMT) reinstated.
  • PLA CONDUCTS OVER 30 MILITARY DRILLS TARGETING TAIWAN IN 2006: MND CNA 12 Mar 2007 -- China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has continued to beef up its contingency response capability and conducted more than 30 military exercise drills targeting Taiwan last year, Defense Minister Lee Jye said Monday.
  • DEFENSE MINISTER REJECTS OFFER TO JOIN DPP CNA 09 Mar 2007 -- Minister of National Defense Lee Jye expressed regret Friday after being expelled from the main opposition Kuomintang (KMT) , but turned down an offer from a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker to join the ruling DPP.
  • KMT EXPELS DEFENSE MINISTER CNA 09 Mar 2007 -- The opposition Kuomintang (KMT) expelled Defense Minister Lee Jye from the party Friday, ruling that Lee has seriously tarnished the KMT's image by soiling the reputation of the late KMT Chairman Chiang Kai-shek and undermining the political neutrality of the military.
  • Analysis: Taiwan's Turbulent Straits cfr.org 07 Mar 2007 -- Taiwan and China have engaged in a new round of verbal sparring aggravated by Beijing's announcement of increased defense spending and Taipei's latest call for independence
  • CHINA'S MILITARY BUDGET RISE THREATENS CROSS-STRAIT PEACE: CABINET CNA 06 Mar 2007 -- China's substantial military budget increase has threatened peace across the Taiwan Strait, Executive Yuan spokesman Cheng Wen-tsang said Tuesday.
  • 'FOUR NOES PLUS ONE' PLEDGE MUST BE SCRAPPED: DPP CHAIRMAN CNA 06 Mar 2007 -- Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairman Yu Shyi-kun said Tuesday that the "four noes plus one" commitment made by President Chen Shui-bian in his 2000 inaugural speech must be scrapped for the sake of safeguarding Taiwan's dignity as an independent, sovereign state.
  • CHINA'S INCREASED MILITARY BUDGET THREATENS REGIONAL PEACE: OFFICIAL CNA 06 Mar 2007 -- China's increasing military spending poses a great threat to regional peace and stability, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) spokesman Wang Chien-yeh said Tuesday.
  • CHEN'S 'FOUR WANTS' MARK NO SHIFT FROM 'FOUR NOES' POLICY: PREMIER CNA 06 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian's Sunday remarks about Taiwan's sovereignty and cross-Taiwan Strait relations marked no shift from the "four noes" policy laid out in his 2000 inauguration speech, Premier Su Tseng-chang said Tuesday.
  • PRESIDENT'S REMARKS `UNRELATED TO TAIWAN INDEPENDENCE': OFFICIALS CNA 05 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian's most recent remarks about Taiwan's sovereignty and cross-Taiwan Strait relations are not meant to proclaim Taiwan independence, nor are they a prelude to changing Taiwan's official designation, Presidential Deputy Secretary-General Cho Jung-tai said Monday.
  • 'FOUR WANTS' NOT POLICY ABOUT-FACE: PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE CNA 05 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian's "four wants, one without" statement is an explanation of his longstanding Taiwan-centric policies and by no means marks an about-face, a Presidential Office spokesman said Monday.
  • TAIWAN'S CHINA POLICY AIMED AT CROSS-STRAIT PEACE: MAC OFFICIAL CNA 05 Mar 2007 -- An official with the Cabinet-level Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) reiterated Monday that pursuing everlasting peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait has always been the ultimate goal of the government's cross-strait policy.
  • PRESIDENT'S REMARKS NOT AIMED AT CHANGING TAIWAN'S STATUS: DPP CNA 05 Mar 2007 -- President Chen Shui-bian's "four wants and one without" remarks, including "Taiwan wants independence, " are not aimed at changing Taiwan's existing status, the whip of the legislative caucus of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said Monday.
  • 'FOUR WANTS' MAY IMPACT U.S.-TAIWAN-CHINA RELATIONS: SPEAKER CNA 05 Mar 2007 -- Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng said Monday that the new "four wants and one without" doctrine on Taiwan's status spelled out by President Chen Shui-bian the day before may further strain the already tense cross-strait relations.
  • US Says Taiwanese President's Independence Remarks 'Unhelpful' VOA 05 Mar 2007 -- The U.S. State Department Monday labeled as "unhelpful" a statement by Taiwan's president, Chen Shui-bian, that the island should be independent from China
  • Taiwan President Talks Independence VOA 05 Mar 2007 -- Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian has again raised the controversial topic of independence - this time as China's parliament opened its annual sessions in Beijing
  • China Tells US Not to Promote Taiwan Independence VOA 04 Mar 2007 -- China has urged the United States to refrain from sending the wrong signals to supporters of Taiwan independence.
  • DEFENSE BUDGET HIKE EXPOSES CHINA'S ATTEMPT AT GLOBAL HEGEMONY: MAC CNA 04 Mar 2007 -- China's substantial military budget hike reveals its attempt at achieving global dominance or hegemony, Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Joseph Wu said Sunday.
  • U.S. REAFFIRMS COMMITMENT TO HELP TAIWAN DEFEND ITSELF CNA 03 Mar 2007 -- The Department of State reaffirmed Friday U. S. commitment to help Taiwan defend itself.
  • US TO SELL US$421 MILLION WORTH OF MISSILES TO TAIWAN CNA 01 Mar 2007 -- The United States will sell 218 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Misiles (AMRAAMs) and 135 Maverick missiles to Taiwan, according to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency under the Ministry of Defense.

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