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July 2000 - Russia Special Weapons News

  • RUSSIA / MOGULS, Voice of America, 28 July 2000 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with more than 20 of the country's top businessmen for talks aimed at easing tensions between the new Kremlin leader and Russia's politically-connected moguls.
  • RUSSIA - GUSINSKY, Voice of America, 27 July 2000 -- Russian police have reportedly dropped fraud charges against Vladimir Gusinsky, head of the country's largest privately-owned media empire.
  • RUSSIA / POLITICS, Voice of America, 26 July 2000 -- Russia's upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, has approved a bill that gives President Vladimir Putin greater control over the country's far-flung regions.
  • RUSSIA MILITARY, Voice of America, 25 July 2000 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has told a group of senior military officers that rebuilding the country's defenses will be among his top priorities.
  • Missile Defense: Putin's 'Crusade Against NMD;' Defying U.S. 'Hegemony', Foreign Media Reaction Reports, 21 July 2000 - Foreign meda commentary on Russian President Putin's taking his "crusade against the U.S. NMD project" to Beijing and Pyongyang.
  • Statement By Official Spokesman of The Foreign Affairs Ministry Of The Russian Federation, Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, 21 July 2000 -- According To Press Reports, The Norwegian Chief of Defense Sigurd Frisvold Has Spoken In Favor Of Studying The Question Of Norway's Participation In The American Plans To Create A National Abm System
  • US-Russia Joint Statement - Cooperation On Strategic Stability, The White House, Office of the Secretary, 21 July 2000 -- The United States and Russia underscore that continued strengthening of global stability and international security is one of the most important tasks today.
  • Press Release, Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, 20 July 2000 -- The US House of Representatives July 19 Approved A Bill Prohibiting The President From Adopting Decisions To Restructure Or Write Off Russian Debts To The Us And Requiring The Administration To Vote Against Such Steps In The Paris Club As Long As The Russian Radioelectronic Center (REC) Operates In Cuba. A Similar Bill Is Now Being Considered By The Senate
  • RUSSIA / POLITICS, Voice of America, 19 July 2000 -- Russia's lower house of parliament, the Duma, has voted overwhelmingly (more than 360 votes to 35) to approve a bill that sharply limits the powers of regional leaders.
  • RUSSIA / BUSINESS CRACKDOWN, Voice of America, 15 July 2000 -- This past week in Russia has been marked by a series of crackdowns against some of Russia's leading businessmen, part of what many see as an orchestrated campaign by President Vladimir Putin to restore order to the Russian economy.
  • RUSSIA/PUTIN ARMY, Voice of America, 15 July 2000 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the country's top military brass [EDS: high ranking officers] on Saturday and urged them to work together toward reforming Russia's army.
  • RUSSIA MILITARY, Voice of America, 13 July 2000 -- A bureaucratic battle has broken out within Russia's military leadership over the future of the country's nuclear-missile forces.
  • RUSSIAN MAFIA, Voice of America, 13 July 2000 -- The Russian mafia stretches ominously across the globe, according to journalist Robert Friedman, who has braved death threats to write a book on the subject: "Red Mafia" (Little, Brown).
  • RUSSIA / PUTIN, Voice of America, 12 July 2000 -- President Vladimir Putin has told foreign and Russian reporters that he supports democratic reforms, but that his first priority is to strengthen the power of the state.
  • Troubled Russian space program stakes reputation on new module, Associated Press, 11 July 2000 -- With Wednesday's planned launch of a key module of the International Space Station, Russia intends to prove that it's back in space in a big way.
  • Space station is about to gain service module, Philadelphia Inquirer, 11 July 2000 -- After delays that have cost the United States billions of dollars, Russia will launch the space station's service module at 12:56 a.m. Philadelphia time tomorrow from remote Kazakstan. The 43-foot-long Zvezda - Russian for star - is the heart of the station.
  • Billboard Blast-Off,, 11 July 2000 -- NASA and Russia Differ on Rules When it Comes to Ads in Space - Russians are eager to bring commercialism to space while Nasa isn't so sure about the idea.
  • RUSSIA / FOREIGN POLICY, Voice of America, 10 July 2000 -- Russia's Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov has unveiled a new diplomatic strategy, saying it places emphasis on building a stronger state and a more prosperous domestic economy.
  • Foreign Policy Concept of The Russian Federation, Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, 10 July 2000
  • Press Release, Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, 10 July 2000 -- Forty Nine Outstanding American Scientists, Nobel Prize Winners of Various Years In The Field of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine And Economics, Sent An Open Letter To President Clinton On July 6 Urging The Us Administration Not To Adopt The Decision On The Deployment Of A National Anti-Missile Defense System, Which Is Prohibited By The 1972 ABM Treaty
  • Millionaire has his ticket to ride, Kansas City Star, 09 July 2000 -- A California businessman has put up millions of dollars of his own money for a nine- or 10-day visit to the Russian Mir space station as a "citizen explorer." He would become the first paying tourist for MirCorp, a private company formed to help keep the aging Russian station aloft and operating.
  • RUSSIA - POLITICS Voice of America 08 July 2000 -- In his first state-of-the-nation address Russian President Vladimir Putin laid out his plans for a strong, centralized Russia that supports democracy and market reforms but also prioritizes national interests.
  • Vladimir Putin's State of The Nation Address To The Federal Assembly "The State Of Russia: A Way To An Effective State", Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, 07 July 2000 - The full text of Putin's address.
  • Press Release, Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, 07 July 2000 -- On June 28 The Lower House of Parliament (Majilis) of The Republic Of Kazakhstan Approved Draft Laws On The Ratification Of The Treaties And Agreements Signed Between The Russian Federation And The Republic Of Kazakhstan On The Terms Of The Use And Rent Of The Test Ranges Located On The Territory Of Kazakhstan
  • PUTIN'S SLOW-STARTING REFORMS Voice of America 06 July 2000 -- With the Russian economy now growing swiftly for the first time since communism collapsed a decade ago, the much-touted reforms read well on paper but have been slow to be implemented.
  • The Zvezda Service Module: Russia's Critical Mission,, 03 July 2000 -- Half a world away on the arid steppes of central Asia, the near-term future of human destiny in space is at stake. Come July 12, a long-stalled bid to build a "city in space" is scheduled to resume in Kazakstan with the pivotal launch of the central command post for the vacant International Space Station.
  • Press Release, Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, 01 July 2000 -- Pursuant To The Decision of The Presidents of Russia And The US Adopted At The Moscow Summit In June, Consultations Of Russian And American Experts Were Held In Geneva On June 28-30 To Discuss Further Reductions Of The Strategic Forces Of Russia And The Us Under The Future Start-3 Treaty As Well As The Issues Of ABM In Accordance With The Statements Of The Russian And American Presidents In Moscow In 1998 And In Cologne In 1999

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