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June 2000 - Russia Special Weapons News

  • Putin's Regime: Administered Democracy Dr M Smith Conflict Studies Research Centre, Sandhurst UK (E108) June 2000 -- The Russian political system under Yel'tsin and so far under Putin remains a curious hybrid, combining elements of authoritarianism with elements of representative democracy, along with arbitrariness and kleptocracy.
  • RUSSIA POLITICS Voice of America 30 June 2000 -- The lower house of Russia's parliament, the Duma, has voted overwhelmingly (399 to nine) in favor of a bill giving President Vladimir Putin the right to dismiss elected regional governors and local legislatures.
  • Armed Services Committee Calls for Clear Accountability on Nuclear Weapons Security, House Armed Services Committee, 28 June 2000 -- "This resolution calls for the individuals charged with responsibility for policy and management of security matters at the Department of Energy, the NNSA and Los Alamos to be held accountable for this deplorable performance. "
  • Text: Commerce Reaches Agreement with Laboratories on Exports , USIS Washington File, 26 June 2000 -- F. Amanda DeBusk, assistant secretary of commerce for export enforcement announced June 26 that agreements have been reached with two laboratories concerning alleged shipments of items to Russia without proper Department of Commerce authorizations, according to a Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) press release.
  • Text: Third Component of Space Station Set for July Launch 26 June 2000 -- A module to serve as the living quarters for scientists aboard the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled for a July 12 launch, according to announcements by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.
  • RUSSIA POLITICS Voice of America 23 June 2000 -- Russia's lower house of parliament, the Duma, has approved President Vladimir Putin's plan to strengthen the Kremlin's control over Russia's regions.
  • RUSSIA / MEDIA Voice of America 22 June 2000 -- Russian authorities are continuing their investigation of Radio Liberty reporter Andrei Babitsky, who was best known for his reports about the conflict in Chechnya.
  • First Space Tourist Practices for Lift-Off, Associated Press, 21 June 2000 -- If Dennis Tito fulfills his dream of becoming the world's first space tourist, it will not be the first time that he has raised eyebrows back home in California.
  • RUSSIA / MEDIA TYCOON Voice of America 20 June 2000 -- A Moscow court has refused to consider a request by lawyers for media tycoon Vladimir Gusinksy to have his jailing last week declared illegal.
  • IS KREMLIN MUZZLING RUSSIA'S PRESS? Voice of America 16 June 2000 -- There is renewed worry in the United States newspaper editorials that Russia's new president, former K-G-B officer Vladimir Putin, has decided to clamp down on his country's press.
  • RUSSIA / TYCOON ARREST Voice of America 16 June 2000 -- Russian authorities have released jailed media magnate Vladimir Gusinsky, whose arrest earlier this week has provoked a storm of criticism.
  • RUSSIA / ARREST Voice of America 14 June 2000 -- The Russian government has been spending much of the day/Wednesday denying that the arrest of a high-profile media tycoon was politically motivated.
  • CLINTON-PUTIN Voice of America 09 June 2000 -- President Clinton is sending Defense Secretary William Cohen to Moscow early next week for more talks on arms control, including missile defenses.
  • U.S.-Russia Summit: 'Papering Over The Cracks In Moscow' Foreign Media Reaction June 8, 2000 -- Last weekend's U.S.-Russia summit was closely monitored by overseas media, despite the fact that in the view of many it lacked the import of the Cold War meetings and the "warmth" of those held during the Yeltsin-Clinton years. "Never have visits of U.S. presidents to Moscow been so dull and routine," observed Moscow's reformist Izvestiya, which, nevertheless, shared a general sense of relief--found in much of the Russian and European press--that U.S.-Russian relations in the post-Yeltsin years would be "more businesslike" and less based on "interpersonal" relations.
  • RUSSIA REFORMS Voice of America 07 June 2000 -- Russia's President Vladimir Putin is encountering opposition in parliament to several key legislative initiatives.
  • SUMMIT MEDIA REACT Voice of America 06 June 2000 -- Russians are looking at President Clinton's whirlwind three-day visit to Moscow as "a gray summit" that helped to ease bilateral tensions, but was short on results.
  • CLINTON / DUMA / REACT Voice of America 05 June 2000 -- President Clinton's address to Russia's parliament was met with a less than enthusiastic response from lawmakers.
  • RUSSIA/SUMMIT MEDIA Voice of America 04 June 2000 -- President Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright have visited radio stations in Moscow to show their support for Russia's independent media.
  • RUSSIA - CLINTON Voice of America 04 June 2000 -- U.S. President Bill Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin are holding a day of talks in Moscow on issues ranging from arms control to the Russian economy and western criticism of the war in Chechnya.
  • RUSSIA / U-S / ISSUES Voice of America 02 June 2000 -- When President Clinton's visit to Moscow was in the planning stage earlier this year, there was talk of a grand arms-control compromise.
  • RUSSIA / U-S RELATIONS Voice of America 01 June 2000 -- On the eve of the Clinton/Putin summit, the consensus of expert opinion in Moscow is that the U-S/Russia relationship is at its lowest point since the end of the Cold War.

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