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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

May 2000 - Russia Special Weapons News

  • CLINTON - RUSSIA Voice of America 31 May 2000 -- President Clinton is playing down expectations for his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow beginning Saturday.
  • RUSSIA / MEDIA Voice of America 30 May 2000 -- An independent Russian television station has temporarily removed a puppet depicting President Vladimir Putin from a political satire program.
  • PRESS BRIEFING BY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR SAMUEL BERGER May 25, 2000 - Clearly as central control of the Russian economy has broken up, there have been technology from Russia that has been obtained by Iran as part of their missile program and as part of their nuclear program. There are some things that we have agreed with the Russians that we would do to help plug up the leaks of technology for Iran's missile program.
  • Text: Helms Statement on Relations Between Russia and Serbia 26 May 2000 -- As a consequence of Russia's support for the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Jesse Helms, says he will introduce legislation to cut U.S. aid to the Russian Federation.
  • RUSSIA / PUTIN Voice of America 25 May 2000 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin is making moves to further tighten his grip on Russia's regions. Putin says he will boost the powers of his seven new regional envoys by bringing them into Russia's top security body.
  • RUSSIA AND CENTRAL ASIA Voice of America 24 May 2000 -- Reasserting Moscow's authority, President Vladimir Putin has begun a drive to restore Russian influence in Central Asia. That is generally welcomed by the autocratic, ex-Communist leaders of the region.
  • SHUTTLE-SPACE STATION Voice of America 24 May 2000 -- The International Space Station is in a higher orbit, thanks to a push by the U-S space shuttle "Atlantis."
  • SHUTTLE-SPACE STATION Voice of America 23 May 2000 -- U-S astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut from the space shuttle "Atlantis" have opened the hatches to the International Space Station -- the first people to visit the outpost in one year.
  • Proud Russia Keeps Mir Aloft WARREN E. LEARY The New York Times May 23, 2000 -- Charles P. Vick, a space analyst with the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, said he did not believe there was enough private interest and money available to finance expansive Mir plans.
  • Russia: 'Putin Era' Begins Amid High Expectations, Lingering Doubts Foreign Media Reaction 19 May 2000 -- While quick to emphasize the daunting challenges--from an ailing economy to pervasive corruption--facing Mr. Putin, most commentators struck a cautiously optimistic note about the new Kremlin occupant.
  • RUSSIA MINISTERS Voice of America 18 May 2000 -- President Vladimir Putin has reappointed Russia's foreign and defense ministers, signaling his intention to continue current government policies.
  • RUSSIA MEDIA Voice of America 18 May 2000 -- More than one-thousand demonstrators have rallied on a square in central Moscow to denounce what they call a plot by Russia's new government to clamp down on press freedom.
  • SHUTTLE OVERVIEW Voice of America 18 May 2000 -- The Service Module is now expected to take off from Kazakhstan in mid-July on a Proton rocket with an improved engine.
  • RUSSIA REFORM Voice of America 17 May 2000 -- There is basic agreement that Russia has made significant progress in overcoming its financial crisis of two years ago.
  • RUSSIA POLITICS Voice of America 16 May 2000 -- Russia's lower house of parliament, the Duma, votes Wednesday on the nomination of Mikhail Kasyanov as prime minister.
  • RUSSIA MEDIA Voice of America 16 May 2000 -- A senior Russian media ministry official has accused a U-S government-funded radio station of hostility to the state, and suggested changing the law to limit anti-Russian broadcasts.
  • PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN Voice of America 12 May 2000 -- Russia got a new president this week, as acting president Vladimir Putin was sworn into the job he has held for the past several months.
  • RUSSIA / POLITICS Voice of America 10 May 2000 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has formally nominated a liberal economist, Mikhail Kasyanov, to become the country's new Prime Minister.
  • FULL TEXT OF THE INAUGURATION SPEECH OF PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION VLADIMIR V. PUTIN May 7, 2000 -- We must learn its lessons and always remember those who built the State of Russia, who upheld its dignity and who made it great, strong and powerful.
  • RUSSIAN MEDIA Voice of America 05 May 2000 -- Two young American journalists who put out an irreverent English language weekly newspaper in Moscow are worried about press freedom in Vladimir Putin's Russia.
  • RUSSIA / PUTIN Voice of America 05 May 2000 -- The only questions were whether the former K-G-B agent would win in a first round, and secondly, what he would do with his power once elected.
  • GAO Report: CTR Biological Weapon Proliferation Prevention Program "Poses New Risks" to the United States , House Armed Services Committee, 02 May 2000 -- A General Accounting Office (GAO) report released today by House Armed Services Committee chairman Floyd Spence concludes that collaborative programs with Russian scientists in the field of biological research may "exacerbate or create risks" to the United States.
  • Given cost overruns, Boeing might pass on space station today By JAMES WALLACE SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER Tuesday, May 2, 2000 -- John Pike, director of space policy for the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, D.C., said problems should be expected on such a massive and complex effort, one much more difficult than the Apollo moon landing.

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