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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

February 2005 Pakistan Special Weapons News

  • IAEA/IRAN VOA 28 Feb 2005 -- The International Atomic Energy Agency says it is trying to find out if Iran accepted in its entirety, what is termed, an "extensive offer" in the 1980s from the nuclear black-market network headed by a top Pakistani scientist.
  • Pakistan dismisses US daily report on Iran nuclear talks IRNA 27 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan on Sunday dismissed as baseless a report in an American daily that international investigators have produced evidence about an alleged secret meeting between Iranian officials and associates of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, founder of Pakistan`s nuclear program.
  • MUSHARRAF/TERRORISM VOA 24 Feb 2005 -- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf says military forces have successfully eliminated terrorist bases linked to the al Qaida network and have captured more than seven hundred foreign militants linked to the group.
  • Pakistan opposes sale of US anti-missile Patriot to India IRNA 23 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan on Wednesday cautioned that the possible sale of US Patriot anti-ballistic missile system to India would be `counter-productive, erode deterrence in the region, fuel arms race and induce higher risk-taking`.
  • Pak private TV runs ad about Bin Laden, Zawahri IRNA 22 Feb 2005 -- A private television channel in Pakistan on Monday night telecast an ad showing head money for the arrest of Osama bin Laden and Aiman Zawahri.
  • Pak PM: Pakistan not seeking mediatory role in nuclear issue IRNA 22 Feb 2005 -- Visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said here Tuesday Pakistan does not intend to play a mediatory role for Iran regarding its nuclear issue.
  • Pakistani prime minister stresses Iran right to use peaceful nuclear technology IRNA 22 Feb 2005 -- Pakistani prime Minister stressed here Tuesdayn Iran`s legitimate right to the peaceful use of nuclear technology.
  • PAKISTAN/MILITANTS VOA 18 Feb 2005 -- Pakistani authorities say two suspected Sunni militants blew themselves up after an intense fire fight with police in the southwestern city of Quetta. The incident raises fears of violence, as Shiite Muslims prepare for their annual Ashura celebrations.
  • PAKISTAN INDIA POLITICS VOA 16 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan and India have agreed to start a bus service linking the two capitals of the disputed Kashmir region. The landmark pact is seen as the latest fruit of the peace dialogue that the rival nations launched last year.
  • Pakistan dismisses CIA report on nuclear insecurity IRNA 15 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan on Tuesday said that it has a robust system of nuclear command and control and has taken stringent measures to ensure safety and security of its nuclear assets
  • Straw sees diplomatic solution possible in Iran nuke stand-off IRNA 15 Feb 2005 -- Visiting British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Monday he discussed Iran`s nuclear program with the Pakistani leadership and believes an "amicable and diplomatic" solution to the discord can be found.
  • PAKISTAN/INDIA VOA 15 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan is hoping the visit of India's foreign minister will help move the two countries toward a solution over the disputed territory of Kashmir.
  • Pakistan to get US arms this year: daily IRNA 14 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan will start receiving weapons from the United States under a US$ 1.2 billion arms package deal by the end of this year.
  • PAKISTAN: More anti-government violence in Balochistan IRIN 07 Feb 2005 -- In a fresh upsurge of attacks on government installations in the troubled southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan, several electricity transmission lines, communication masts and railway tracks have been blown up in the last week.
  • Pakistan rejects reports on US nuclear probe IRNA 07 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan on Monday dismissed as "incorrect and unrealistic" a US magazine report that the US is investigating whether the founder of Pakistan`s nuclear program sold nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.
  • Pakistan for strategic system instead of huge arsenal-daily IRNA 07 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan is no more seeking to match India`s conventional weapons and instead is focussing on strengthening its strategic systems, a local press report said.
  • PAKISTAN/NUCLEAR VOA 07 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan is sharply denying a news report that one of its top scientists, Abdul-Qadeer Khan, might have sold nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries or to al-Qaida.
  • PAKISTAN/U.S. SECURITY VOA 03 Feb 2005 -- Senior defense officials from Pakistan and the United States have held discussions on the war on terrorism and boosting Islamabad's defense capabilities. The agenda included Islamabad's desire to buy U.S. fighter jets, but no decision was made on the issue.
  • Pakistan denies hosting terror group against Iran IRNA 02 Jan 2005 -- Pakistan on Wednesday outrightly rejected a report which alleged Islamabad was hosting a terrorist group against Iran.
  • Pakistan denies helping US Army`s fire in its territory IRNA 02 Jan 2005 -- Pakistani military on Wednesday rejected a claim by a senior US Army officer that its troops have recently helped direct US artillery fire into Pakistan.
  • PAKISTAN/US/NUCLEAR VOA 02 Feb 2005 -- The United States says Pakistan has yet to fully unravel an illegal nuclear proliferation network that was headed by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the founder of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program.
  • PAKISTAN US AMBASSADOR Q&A VOA 02 Feb 2005 -- In an interview with VOA's Mike Kitchen, the U.S Ambassador to Pakistan, Ryan Crocker, has praise for Islamabad's efforts to investigate its scientists accused of illicitly trading nuclear technology. Here are some excerpts of Ambassador Crocker's interview in the Pakistani capital on Wednesday.
  • PAKISTAN U.S. MILITARY COOPERATION VOA 02 Feb 2005 -- Pakistan officials are denying a U.S. military statement that American and Pakistani forces have cooperated in cross-border artillery attacks against Afghan insurgents.
  • US pledges defense requirements to Pakistan - statement IRNA 01 Feb 2005 -- The United States has promised to provide defense requirements to Pakistan and will actively pursue for their early release, a Defense Ministry statement said on Tuesday.

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