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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

25 January 2005 - Iraq Special Weapons News

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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 25 Jan 2005 [PDF]
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty

  • IRAQ ELECTIONS / U.S. MILITARY VOA 25 Jan 2005 -- The U.S. military is working with Iraqi forces and the Iraqi government to provide security for the elections scheduled for Sunday, as daily attacks by insurgents continue. VOA's Al Pessin reports from the Pentagon, American commanders say Iraqi forces will have a key role on Election Day, but the coalition will provide forces designed to deter or respond to any attack.
  • Iraqi Judge Assassinated In Baghdad RFE/RL 25 Jan 2005 -- Armed assailants killed an Iraqi judge as he was leaving his home in Baghdad today.
  • Iraqi, U.S. forces combined Operations Seize cash MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Combined operations by U.S. Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, operating under the 1st Marine Division of the I Marine Expeditionary Force, and Iraqi Security Forces seized an AK-47, five cell phones, approximately $42,000, various foreign currencies equivalent to approximately $72,000 and eight detainees in a series of raids on Jan. 24 in Ramadi.
  • One AIF Suspect Detained in Raid Near Ad Dwar MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- First Infantry Division Soldiers captured a suspected AIF member in a raid near Ad Dwar about 11:55 p.m. on Jan. 24.
  • Four Detained Following Explosions MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Four individuals were apprehended following improvised-explosive-device strikes that destroyed three cars near Munsha 'a Village.
  • Multi-National Forces Detain Six MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Multi-National Forces from 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), detained six individuals during operations in northern Iraq on Jan. 23.
  • Iraqi citizen's Tip Leads to Defusing of Roadside Bomb MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Multi-National Forces from 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), were able to defuse a roadside bomb following a tip received through the Joint Coordination Center in northern Iraq on Jan. 24.
  • Four Individuals Detained by Multi-National Forces in Mosul Area MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Multi-National Forces from 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), confiscate weapons and ammunition, and detained four people during operations in northern Iraq on Jan. 24.
  • Multi-National Forces capture 28 Suspected Insurgents MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Multi-National Forces from 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), continued operations to ensure security for the elections, detaining 28 people in northern Iraq on Jan. 25.
  • Troops Uncover Huge Weapons Cache MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- In eight separate locations near the Iraqi town of Latifiyah, Task Force Baghdad troops and Iraqi Army Soldiers uncovered a huge cache of weapons, munitions and explosives on Jan. 23.
  • Commando Operations Net 12 Suspects in Abu Ghraib District MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Twelve suspected insurgents and several caches of weapons were taken by Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division's 2nd "Commando" Brigade Combat Team during a series of raids in the Abu Ghraib district on Jan. 24.
  • Patrol Finds IED Planted near Baghdad Elementary School MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Soldiers from Task Force Baghdad discovered an improvised explosive device near a western Baghdad elementary school at about 10:45 a.m. on Jan. 25.
  • MNF, ISF conduct Operation Centaur Fast Gas MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- Task Force 1-6 Field Artillery, in conjunction with Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army Soldiers, conducted day four of Operation Centaur Fast Gas at the Old Ba'qubah Gas Station on Jan. 19.
  • Idaho ANG Battalion Takes on Support Operations MNF-I/MNC-I 25 Jan 2005 -- In a ceremony conducted here on Jan. 21, the Idaho Army National Guard's 145th Support Battalion assumed full responsibility for support operations of the 116th Brigade Combat Team in Iraq.
  • Soldiers help pave way to new Iraq's constitution Army News 25 Jan 2005 -- The elections in Iraq are only days away and despite recent bombings and insurgent threats, the city streets of Baghdad continue to bustle with activity. Sirens sound in the distance; horns honk as cars try to push their way through the morning traffic, and Iraqi men and boys of all ages stand on the streets selling their newspapers of the most recently published events.


US Policy

  • "Iraq: Finding a Responsible Exit" Remarks by Congressman Marty Meehan 25 Jan 2005 - Congressman Meehan presented his proposal for a phased reduction of U.S. troops from Iraq in a speech at the Brookings Institution. The United States would draw down the majority of our forces by the end of this year. Only a small and mobile force would remain by mid-2006, two years after the transfer of sovereignty. This is not a cut and run strategy but a phased drawdown that would leave a small, mobile, and low-profile U.S. presence in Iraq for a reasonable timeframe. This smaller contingent of approximately 30,000 troops could continue to fill specialty roles.

  • Bush To Seek $80 Billion For Afghanistan, Iraq RFE/RL 25 Jan 2005 -- There are reports U.S. President George W. Bush is planning to seek some $80 billion in new funding for military operations this year in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • BUSH - WAR BUDGET VOA 25 Jan 2005 -- President Bush will ask the U.S. Congress for another 80 billion dollars to pay for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The money will be added to the current federal budget for 2005.
  • Bush Administration to Request $80 Billion Supplemental AFPS 25 Jan 2005 -- The Bush administration intends to ask Congress for an estimated $80 billion budget supplemental, most of it to help cover the costs of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. and defense officials announced today.
  • White House Confirms $80 Billion Supplemental Request Washington File 25 Jan 2005 -- Senior administration officials said the White House will seek an approximately $80 billion supplemental request for the 2005 fiscal year, this in addition funding included the White House's fiscal 2006 budget request scheduled to be released February 7.
  • CONGRESS/IRAQ VOA 25 Jan 2005 -- With elections in Iraq less than one week away, some members of Congress are calling for a timetable for a gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops. A Democratic lawmaker added his voice to the debate Tuesday

United Nations

  • Independent Oil-for-Food panel interviews UN Secretary-General UN News Centre 25Jan 2005 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan was interviewed today by members of the Independent Inquiry Committee (IIC) he commissioned to examine allegations of corruption surrounding the now-defunct Oil-for-Food programme for Iraq.
  • UN / OIL FOR FOOD PROBE VOA 25 Jan 2005 -- A commission investigating the U.N.'s Iraq oil-for-food program is questioning Secretary-General Kofi Annan about his involvement. The commission's interim report - originally due for release this month - has been delayed.
  • 5 days before Iraqi poll, UN envoy reviews steps to ensure fairness, transparency UN News Centre 25 Jan 2005 -- With five days to go until Iraqis vote for a national assembly that will appoint a new provisional government, write a constitution and organize definitive elections by the end of the year, the top United Nations envoy in the country today reviewed measures aimed at holding a fair and transparent poll.

Reconstruction Issues

  • Iraqi Political Parties Address Voters' Social Concerns AFPS 25 Jan 2005 -- Health care, education and jobs are some of the chief issues on Iraqi voters' minds as they head to the polls, according to a recent survey of nearly 2,000 eligible voters from across the country, and political parties are crafting social agendas to address the voters' concerns.
  • Papers Outline Iraq's Progress in 2004 AFPS 25 Jan 2005 -- In less than a year, Iraqi military ground forces have grown from one operational battalion to 21 - and counting.

Foreign Reactions

News Reports

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