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Operation Unified Protector
NATO Arms Embargo
NATO No-Fly Zone

Operation Unified Protector Naval Order of Battle (~1 August 2011)
Allied Maritime Command
Ship Type Nation (Operation) Embarked
Combined Task Group 455.01 (CTG 455.01) NATO
MM Giuseppe Garibaldi (C-551)1 VTOL Carrier Italy 8x AV-8B Harrier
3x EH-101
2x AB-212
MM San Giusto (L 9894) Landing
Platform Dock
Italy 3x EH-101
HMCS Charlottetown (Task Force Charlottetown2) Frigate Canada (Operation Mobile) 1x CH-124 Sea King
HS Adrias Frigate Greece 1x S-70B Sea Hawk
MM Bersagliere (F-584) Frigate Italy 1x AB-212
Regele Ferdinand (F-221) Frigate Romania
ESPS Almirante Juan de Borbón (F-102) Frigate Spain 1x SH-60B Sea Hawk
TCG Fatih (F-242) Frigate Turkey 1x AB-212
TCG Gaziantep (F-490) Frigate Turkey 1x AB-212
TCG Gokceada (F-494) Frigate Turkey 1x AB-212
TCG Saliheris (F-246) Frigate Turkey 1x AB-212
HMS Iron Duke3 Frigate United Kingdom (Operation Ellamy) 1x Lynx Mk.8
HMS Sutherland3 Frigate United Kingdom (Operation Ellamy) 1x Lynx Mk.8
USS Halyburton (FFG 40) Frigate United States 1x SH-60B Sea Hawk
FLF Jean Bart (D 615)4 Destroyer France (Opération Harmattan) 1x Lynx
HMS Liverpool Destroyer United Kingdom (Operation Ellamy) 1x Lynx Mk.8
ESPS Tramontana (S-74) Submarine Spain
TCG I. Inonu (S-360) Submarine Turkey
HMS Triumph Submarine United Kingdom (Operation Ellamy)
FLF Lavallée (F 790) Corvette France (Opération Harmattan)
BNS Narcis (M923)5 Minesweeper Belgium
HNLMS Haarlem Minesweeper Netherlands
HMS Bangor Minesweeper UK
TCG Akar Tanker Turkey
Task Force 473 France (Opération Harmattan)
FLF Charles de Gaulle (R-91) CTOL Carrier France Flottille 4F:
2x E-2C Hawkeye
Flottille 12F:
8x Rafale M
Flottille 17F:
6x Super Etendard
U/I Marine Elements:
1x Alouette II
2x AS 365 Dauphin Pedro
2x EC-725 Caracal
U/I Armée de l'Air Element:
1x SA 330 Puma
FLF Mistral Amphibious
Assault Ship
France 6x Gazelle
6x Tiger
FLF Tonnerre6 Amphibious
Assault Ship
France 6x Gazelle
6x Tiger
FLF Guépratte (F 714)7 Frigate France 1x AS 565 Panther
FLF Chevalier Paul (D 621) Destroyer France 1x AS 565 Panther
FLF Georges Leygues (D 640) Destroyer France 1x Lynx
FLF Jean de Vienne (D 643)7 Destroyer France 2x Lynx
?? Submarine France
FLF Meuse (A 607) Tanker France
U/I Task Force (Ex-Response Force Task Group) United Kingdom (Operation Ellamy)
HMS Ocean Amphibious
Assault Ship
United Kingdom 4x Apache AH1
? Lynx
? Sea King Mk.7
HMS Albion Landing
Platform Dock
United Kingdom Det, 40 Commando
RFA Fort Rosalie Logistics Support United Kingdom
RFA Wave Knight Tanker United Kingdom
Elements of Expeditionary Strike Group 5 and Bataan ARG United States8

1 - On 27 July 2011, Rear Admiral Filippo Foffi and his staff officially transferred from MM Giuseppe Garibaldi to MM San Giusto, with the latter becoming the new flagship of CTG 455.01.

2 - Task Force Charlottetown also includes a support party at the Augusta Bay Port Facility.

3 - HMS Iron Duke relieved HMS Liverpool for a period of 3 nights in late July 2011 while transiting back to her homeport of Portsmouth. HMS Sutherland was temporarily detached from the Cougar deployment and the Responsive Force Task Group and relieved HMS Iron Duke on or about 26 July 2011. On or about 2 August 2011, HMS Liverpool returned to the area of operations and relieved HMS Sutherland.

4 - In July 2011, the destroyer Jean Bart was relieved by the corvette Lavallée.

5 - In mid-July 2011, the BNS Narcis departed the area of operations after 6 months in support of Operation Unified Protector.

6 - Between 12 and 14 July 2011, the FLF Mistral arrived in the area of operations and relieved the FLF Tonnerre.

7 - On 12 July 2011, it was reported that the Guépratte and the Jean de Vienne had been both relieved by the Georges Leygues.

8 - Coverage of US invovlement in Operation Unified Protector is found in our coverage of Operation Odyssey Dawn.

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