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Yavuz / Barbaros Class Frigate


The Turkish frigate Barbaros is a modified MEKO 200-type.

First order for the Turkish Navy was signed during April 1983 with two MEKO 200TN built in Germany and two built in the Golcuk shipyards in Turkey. The vessels are also known as MEKO 200TN Track I or "Yavuz" Class. Two more orders were followed each one known as Track IIA "Barbaros" Class and Track IIB. The "Yavuz" Class frigates have adopted the CODAD propulsion method with 4 MTU 20V Diesel engines, that created major maintenance problems, with also questioned the selection of the SEA ZENITH CIWS, a system never previously used, although there were no negative reports of the system performance from the Turkish Navy. The later TrackII A frigates have incorporated major improvements including the CODOG propulsion method with 2 MTU 16V diesel engines and 2 LM2500-30 Gas turbines, a greater displacement of 3350 (full load) and the replacement of the older Mk 29 Sea Sparrow launcher with the Mk-48 VLS.

It is concluded that these frigates are not used for naval superiority but rather as sea denying assets that will try to inflict maximum damage to the enemy, while trying to keep friendly casualties low. That can be explained by the presence of three SEA ZENITH CIWS, while on the other hand, keeping somehow low the air defence / ASW capabilities. MEKO200TN Track I/ IIA/ IIB have a maximum speed of 27/31+kts, with a range of 4000 nm and a speed of 20/22kts. Armament includes the FMC Mk-45 127mm/54cb gun, 8 RGM-84 Harpoons, 2x3 Mk32 324mm torpedo tubes, and 8/16 RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missiles. Electronic equipment includes the DA 08/ AWS-9 surface/air surveillance radar, the WM 25/ AWS 6 tracking radar, the TM 1226/ 2690BT ARPA navigation radar, and STACOS TU/FD Tactical Command and Control System. The Turkish frigates are also equipped with WM25/ COSYS DDWCS Fire Control System, a DE1160 sonar, and Link 11/14 VESTA CDL2, MCS2002 communication systems.

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