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PTH105 VN15 105mm self-propelled gun

In order to meet the requirements of modernizing ground weapons equipment, especially the Artillery Corps, since 2015, the Z751 factory has successfully designed and manufactured 105mm self-propelled guns [PTH = Phao-binh tu hanh]. Vietnam's successful manufacture of self-propelled guns 105 on the basis of the M101 howitzer and Ural-375D transport truck contributes to creating a very effective weapon to meet the problem of maneuvering together. modern weapon equipment in modern combat. Ural-375D is currently one of the main military transport vehicles of the Vietnam People's Army logistics force. Vehicles with a maximum load of 4.5 tons, trnag 180hp gasoline engine with 7-speed manual gearbox, maximum speed 76km / h.

Notably, the Ural-375 vehicle used by Z751 for the PTH105mm self-propelled gun base chassis was also developed by the factory on the basis of combined with the US-made 105mm M101 howitzer. After a period of research and small production, by 2017 a number of self-propelled guns of 105mm by Union Enterprise Z751 - General Department of Engineering research and development has been handed over for artillery units throughout the army to train for combat readiness. The 105mm self-propelled howitzer uses the M2A1 105mm towed cannon that North Vietnam obtained a lot after 1975. This is an American-made cannon, very useful for the task of reinforcing infantry, crushing fire points.

Implementing the decision of the General Staff, in October 2017 the General Department of Technology (TCKT) handed over the 105mm gun and 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun integrated into the motor vehicle for the base unit. This is a modern self-propelled artillery complex, researched and developed by Z751 United Factory (TCKT).

This is the self-propelled artillery complex PTH105-VN15, model M3 developed by Z751 United Factory, on the basis of Project of "Research on integrating existing weapons into mobile vehicles for day and night combat in the period 2013-2015" of the Ministry of Defense. Implementing the project, Z751 Union Enterprise opened the topic "Research, calculate, design, manufacture, install, test 105mm cannon on URAL-375D vehicle". Products of the sample M1 topic have been tested, organized for the actual training team, then evaluated and learned to complete the design and manufacture of products. M3 sample has been evaluated, production organization tested to put into training, continue to improve, before being put into mass production. The M3 model is the latest combination, including the 105mm cannon.

The M3 complex fully promotes technical and tactical features of the 105mm ground cannon; at the same time, increasing many preeminent features, especially the ability to maneuver. The replacement of the URAL-375D base car chassis with the URAL 432007-10 model not only improves maneuverability but also can be integrated on many equivalent vehicles when needed. The URAL 432007-10 truck uses a high-capacity, high-strength, fuel-saving diesel engine and a larger payload than a URAL-375D vehicle using a gasoline or diesel engine. denatured. The M3 model also added a number of weapons, protective equipment, such as anti-aircraft guns, bulletproof armored frames, and less crew due to the use of more control and automation equipment. In particular, the main weapon is the 105mm cannon available in equipment, and at the same time use the same 105mm cannon shell that our national defense industry has produced.

Starting from the wars before and in the future, ground artillery has always played an important role. Artillery is used to destroy exposed, solid, fortified targets, suppressing artillery fire, enemy tanks, motor vehicles, suppressing open doors and preparing for battle ... With modern combat conditions, maneuvering firepower is vital to raids with high-tech weapons, including air strikes. From the above requirements, the improvement and modernization of technical features and tactics of the ground cannon, in order to increase combat performance and survival is essential. TCKT has built a topic of improvement, improving mobility of weapons, increasing response, preventing counter-attacks, meeting the training requirements, SSC of the artillery army.

Research, calculation, design, manufacture and installation of 105mm cannon on motor vehicles is chaired by Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Nhat, Director of Weapons Enterprise (Z751 United Factory). topic. In the process of implementing the research project, TCKT has directed United Factory Z751, Institute of Military Mechanic Engineering, affiliated agencies and factories and invited scientists from the Ministry of National Defense and the Institute. Military Science and Technology, Military Technical Academy participated. Scientists have discussed and evaluated design ideas, consulted, in order to make the most appropriate design and technology plans. As a result, the product achieves good quality, high synchronization, is suitable with our payroll, equipment and style. The first sample was put into training test, comprehensive evaluation. The M3 model continues to be handed over to the training, evaluation and completion unit.

PTH105 VN15 105mm self-propelled gun PTH105 VN15 105mm self-propelled gun PTH105 VN15 105mm self-propelled gun PTH105 VN15 105mm self-propelled gun

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