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Klimov Corporation

NPP "Zavod imeni V.Ya.Klimova," 
Leningradskoye NPO imeni V.Ya.Klimova
Klimov Design Bureau
Klimov Corporation
Izotov Engine Design Bureau
Klimov Machine-Building Plant

194100, St. Petersburg, Russia 
Kantemirovskaya Ulitsa, 1
Tel: (011-7-812) 245-3366, 245-0115, 245-4315; 
Telex: N/A; 
Fax: (011-7-812) 245-4329;

Klimov Corporation is the leading Russian developer of aircraft engines for helicopters and aircraft. Klimov is also specialized in the development of helicopter gearboxes, gas turbine engines for ground vehicles (including tanks) and power drives for power and compressor stations of general application. Klimov is best known for its engines for the MiG-29 fighter, the Mi-24 helicopter and the Ka-50 "Black Shark" helicopter and the T-80 tank. More than 90 % of all helicopters in service in CIS countries are Klimov-powered. More than 150,000 products designed by Klimov are manufactured in series. Klimov engines are in operation in 75 countries worldwide.

Sergei Isotov, Klimov's deputy, designed helicopter turboshaft engines that are known by his name. In the 1960 Sergey Izotov became the chief designer of the OKB-117, the bureau started to deal with heli and rocket engines. After Izotov's death in 1983the design bureau returned to its original name. The bureau is co-located with its ownexperimental prototype plant, the Klimov Machine-Building Plant, and together they form theKlimov Scientific Production Association. Klimov engines are serially produced at the KrasnyyOktyabr' Plant. In early 1992 the Klimov Design Bureau was for the first time referred to as theKlimov Corporation, suggesting it has been reorganized into a joint-stock company.

Klimov Corporation was founded in 1912 in St.Petersburg as Russian Renault Joint Stock Company to repair Renault automobiles. Also Klimov was engaged in repair and assembly of Renault aircraft engines which powered aircraft of the Russian designers: I.Sicorsky (the Russian Vitias, the Ilya Muromets), V.Slesarev (the Sviatogor), D.Grigorovich (flying boats) and also foreign aircraft manufactured in Russia (the Forman, the Brege).

Vladimir Klimov was selected in 1933 to open a construction bureau (KB) to develop an Russian version of the Hispano-Suiza 12Y. Klimov designed V-12s accounted for 129,000 combat engines produced from 1935-46. From the end of the 1930s the activity of the works is connected with the name of outstanding designer V.Y.Klimov. During World War II more than half of the Soviet combat aircraft (the Yak-3, the Yak-9, the Pe-2, the LaGG-3) were powered by V.Y.Klimov M-105 piston engines. About 100,000 such engines were manufactured.

Klimov was also in the forefront of Russian turbojet design when his design bureau copied the Rolls-Royce Nene. From 1946 Klimov Corporation was involved in developing the aircraft gas turbine engines of different application. During 50 years more than 40 types of gas turbine engines and gearboxes were designed. The first Soviet VK-1 turbojet engine was used to power the MiG-15 and the MiG-17 fighters and the IL-28 and the Tu-11 bombers. In the 60-70-es the GTD-350, the TV2-117, the TV3-117 gas turbine engines and the main gearboxes for the Mi-2, the Mi-8, the Mi-17, the Mi-24, the -32 and other helicopters were designed and launched into production. In the 70s Klimov Corporation has designed the RD-33 turbojet engine for the MiG-29 fighter.

Specialists of the Klimov Plant State Unitary Enterprise and the Motor Sich JSC developed the first in the ex-U.S.S.R. 2,200 hp turboshaft engine, TV3-117. Today about 15 modifications are successfully used on 95% of Mil and Kamov helicopters operated in 39 countries of the world, on combat, transport and civil medium land- and sea-based helicopters. They are Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-32, Ka-50 Black Shark, Ka-52 Alligator, Mi-8MG, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-28, Mi-35 and other helicopters.

In 1994 the SMR-95 prototype modification of this engine was successfully flight tested on the Mirage F-1 French fighter. Mirage F-1 performance was substantially improved after the ATAR 9K-50(9C) Snecma engines have been changed for the SMR-95 engines. In 1997 the works on designed of the TV7-117 turboprop engine of the fourth generation for the An-140 and the IL-114 commuter passenger aircraft were completed. Currently the TVa-3000 engine of the fifth generation for the Mi-38 helicopter is being developed.

At present overhaul and local repair of the TV3-117 engine of all modifications is mastered by Klimov, a leading enterprise of overhaul of overhaul of these engines in Russia. It fulfills the orders of aviation companies regarding the engines and gearboxes maintenance and extension of their service life. Simultaneously Klimov has mastered the RD-33 engine local repair at operators' site (large-unit disassembly-assembly).

More than 35 years Klimov Corporation is involved in developing of gas turbine engines for ground vehicles: tanks, trucks, self-propelled vehicles, etc. Klimov transport gas turbine engines have not analogues in the world-gas turbine building. The world-best -80 tank is powered by the engine designed by Klimov.

Klimov has also designed the gas turbine drive for the mobile power station firing diesel and gas fuel. Besides the turboshaft engines may power different marine vessels. The jet version (without free turbine module) may be used to dry premises for cattle and buildings under construction with exhaust gas jet. It is also used to blow snow and ice off the roads, railways and airfields.

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