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Ivchenko Progress Zaporozhye
Machine-Building Design Bureau ZMDB / Ivchenko-Progress

Ivchenko Progress  Design Bureau 
2, Ivanova St., Zaporozhye, 69068, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (0612) 65-03-27
Fax: +38 (0612) 65-46-97

Vladimir A. Lotarev was Chief Constructor at the design bureau carrying the name of the late General Designer Alexander G. Ivchenko. The first engine to appear under Lotarev's authority is the 14,3001b D-36 high-bypass, three-shaft turbofan for the Yakovlev Yak-42 trijet airliner. The "D" designation, also applied to engines from the Soloviev bureau, was simply an abbreviation for dvigatel, the Russian word for "engine." The same system of designations is being applied to the products of the two most recent second-generation design bureaux to emerge, suggesting a move away from the nomenclature applied to the work of the Soviet Union's first generation of turbine designers.

Ivchenko Progress Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau / Ivchenko-Progress, the leader among world’s aviation engine companies, has over half a century of experience in designing aviation engines, and for more than four decades was active in developing industrial gas-turbine engines for gas-pumping and drilling units, electric power stations, marine and river vessels and etc.

The principal activities of the company are designing, manufacture, testing, development, certification and repair of gas-turbine engines for aeronautical and industrial applications. The quality, reliability and right to repair aero-engines and industrial engines are confirmed by the Veritas Bureau Certificate, Ukrainian GDAT Aviation Register’s certificate and ARMAK certificate,

Ivchenko-Progress’s powerful production and experimental and research Complex is able to manufacture and test engines of up to 40 tons thrust. The company uses the most advanced technologies. Overall computerization of the company ensures very high level of labor productivity.

For half of the century Ivchenko-Progress has developed a wide range of different engine classes and among them is a well-known all over the world the D-18T engine which powers the AN-124-100 «Ruslan» transport aircraft. A large fleet of the Yak-42, An-72, An-74, An-74TK-300 aircraft is fitted with the D-36 engine. The D-36 has become the basis for development of the world’s most powerful D-136 turboshaft engine which is installed on the Mi-26 and -26T helicopters.

Despite the unstable economical situation in the country, Ivchenko-Progress manages to seek an opportunity for developing new types of engine. Now the company is engaged in development and certification of a new generation of economic and reliable engines family, the D-436?1/T2/?? for the new Tu-334-100/200/300 passenger airliners and modified TU-134M, YAK-42M and AN-74 and also the D-436TP engine intended for Be-200 amphibian. The company has been entitled to Certificate of Compliance for D-436T1 and D-436TP engines. The result of a great successive company’s activities is the D-27, the first in the world turbo-propfan engine which fuel efficiency is 25-30% higher than that of the latest turbojet bypass engines. It powers the AN-70 short take-off and landing /STOL/ military transport aircraft. Its civilian version - AN-70T, manufacture of which has been already began, will be available at the aircraft market 5 years later.

A new turboprop, the TV3-117VMA-SBM1 engine and the AI9-3B auxiliary power unit for the new serial regional An-140 airliner are developed and entitled with Type Certificates. The TV3-117VMA-SBM1 is a joint product of Ivchenko-Progress, Motor Sich Public Joint-Stock Company /PJSC/ and Kiimov Corporation. This aircraft is intended to replace aged fleets of AN-24 and YAK 40 aircraft and will be produced and operated both in the CIS countries and in Iran. The latest product of the company, the small-sized Al-450 turboshaft engine, will power the KA-115, KA-215, KA-226, KA-228, MI-2 and MI-34 helicopters.

According to Ukraine and Tatarstan joint program a turbojet bypass engine designated as the Al-22 and intended for executive aircraft TU-324 and YAK-48 is under development now. Further Al-22 versions can be installed on YAK-130, L-159 trainers. Such auxiliary power units for gas-turbine engine starting as: Al-8, AI-9V and AI9-3B are under development at the company now except for aircraft engines of various classes.

Throughout its existence, Ivchenko-Progress has developed over 30 types and modifications of aircraft engines for 42 aircraft operated in 80 countries of the world. Ivchenko-Progress has a great experience in developing engines for industrial and transport use. Ground application numbers 18 types of engines within 0.5-25MW range of power. These engines are used for gas-and-oil pumping and drilling units, fixed and mobile electric power stations, etc.

Gas-turbine drives of the D-336 engine family for gas-pumping stations are well known in Ukraine, Iran and Turkey. The company has been entitled to Certificate of Compliance for D-336-1-4, D-336-2-4, D-336-1, D-336-2, D-336-2T, AI-336-2-8 gas-turbine drives. The AI-19 IGG inert gas generator is developed for providing fire-extinquishing, prevention of explosions, indoor hot processing and aerosol disinsectization. The most of Ivchenko-Progress products are manufactured by Motor Sich PJSC. The enterprises have a mutual technical and marketing policy now as well as joint developments of power generating systems and redesigning of gas-pumping units. Nowadays Ivchenko-Progress is a solidated with one goal collective of high skilled designers, engineers, production engineers, researches which are able to develop aviation engineering of high level.

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