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Salyut Moscow Machine-Building Production Association

  MMPP Salyut 16, 
  Budenny av. Moscow
  105118, Russia 

Moscow Machine-Building Production Enterprise Salyut is the biggest Russian dedicated factory as regards the manufacture and maintenance of the Su family aircraft engines, manufacture of parts and units for Beriev Be-200, Tupolev Tu-334 and Tu-230, Antonov An-70 and An-180 aircraft as well as for gensets.

MMPP Salyut has led Russian aircraft engine production in terms of sales. Its turnover exceeded $270 million (with profits of $58 million) in 2001, rose to $300-320 million in 2002, and is estimated to climb to $400 million in 2003. Sales of AL-31F engines constitute 70% of total sales. The company specializes on deliveries to China, thus splitting the market with UMPO, which covers deliveries to India.

The federal state unitary enterprise MMPP "Salyut" traces back to the beginning of series production of engines for the flight vehicles in Russia. The Salyut Moscow Machine-Building Production Association dates back to 1912, when the Gnom (Gnome), Russia's first aircraft engines production plant, started manufacturing piston engines for the Newpor and Farman aircraft. In 1912 in Moscow is created Russia's first series plant "gnome" (subsequently Icarus #2, plant 24 im. Frunze, 45 plant, MMPP "Salyut") on the production of the aviation motors "gnome" of French construction, for the aircraft: "Moscow", "Nieuport -4", "Farman -16", "Moran- zh".

In 1923 plant "Icarus # 2" let out the first powerful Soviet motor M-5, the construction KB of plant, for the aircraft: The i-th, I -2 (destroyers); The r-th, R -2 (intelligence officers), MR -1 (marine intelligence officer); TB-Y (bomber).

In the thirties, the plant, then called plant No. 24 named after M.V. Frunze, produced A.M. Mikulin-designed engines that powered the TB-3, Soviet first heavy bomber. In 1930 is mastered the series production of design project leader Aleksandr Alexandrovich mikulin's engines AM-34, who is the ancestor of the large family of motors AM, (DIN -34, AM-35, AM-3D, AM-37, AM-38, AM-38F) for aircraft TB-E (GREATEST INTEGER), DB- A, ANT-25, R -7, etc. In 1934 was built the largest in the world aircraft "Maxim Gor'kiy" (ANT-20). On the aircraft were established 8 engines AM-34 of plant 24 im. Frunze, designer of the engines A.A. Of mikulina. Pilots M. Gromov and I. Zhukov on the aircraft "Maxim Gor'kiy" raised the record load of 10 tons and 15 tons to height 5000 it was meter. In 1937 is perfected the continuous flight V.P. of Chkalov, G.F. Of baydukova, A.V. Of belyakova on the aircraft ANT-25 with the motor AM-34 from Moscow through the north pole to America.

Immediately after the war Salyut started jet engines production. Its first ones were A.M. Lyulka-designed TR-1 turbojet engines for the Sukhoy Su-11 and Ilyushin Il-22 prototypes, and V.Ya. Klimov-designed VK-1 turbojets for the most popular MiG-15 and MiG-17 fighters and the Il-28 frontline bombers. In 1943 the plant mastered production and was in series let out engine AM-38F for the armored attack aircraft IL-2. In the years of war were produced more than 36 thousand attack aircraft IL-2. On more than 10 thousand were placed the motors of the plant of # 45.

In 1947 at the plant mastered the production and underwent official tests the first domestic turbojet engine of design project leader arkhip Mikhaylovich lyul'k for aircraft SU-11, I -211, IL-22. In 1948 is mastered the series carrying out of jet engine VK -1 and its modifications VK -1A, VK -1F of design project leader Klimov Vladimir yakovlevich for the aircraft MIG-15, MIG-17, IL-28, TU-14.

In 1956 it mastered the series production of the jet engine AL -7-F1 of the design project leader A. m. lyul'k for the aircraft SU-7, TU-9 and SU-7B. Series fighter-bomber SU-7B developed the speed of 2140 km/h. Beginning from 1957, plant No. 45 (Salyut Moscow Engine Plant since 1963) produced the AL-7F-1 Lyulka turbojets for the Su-7B fighter-bombers and Su-9 fighter-interceptors. In 1965, it started producing S.K. Tumansky-designed R15B-300 engines for the MiG-25 high speed interceptors and reconnaissance aircraft, and in 1972 the AL-21F-3 engines' production for the Sukhoy Su-17 fighter-bombers and Su-24 frontline bombers began.

In 1962 it mastered the series production of the jet engine R -15B-300 of design project leader Sergey Constantinovich tumanskiy. It was established on the aircraft MIG-25. Is established speed record - 3000 km/h and ceiling of a height - 37000 m, and a total of it is more than 20 world records.

In 1972 it mastered the series production of the engine AL-21F of the design project leader OF A.M. cradle for the aircraft SU-17, SU-20, Su-22, SU-24.

In 1984, Salyut started producing the forth generation AL-31F turbojet designed for the Su-27, one of the world's best fighters. The jet engine AL-31F was developed by the design project leader A. m. lyul'k.

In 1988 it mastered the production of the parts of the engines of design project leader Fedor Mikhaylovich muravchenko DYAE'T-Y together with plants AO "motorsich" of g. Zaporozh'ye and AO umpo Ufa for the aircraft Tu-344, Yak-42m, AN-74, b -200. In 1989 the series production of the engine AL -31F of the third series is mastered. A number of fundamentally new technological processes is inculcated in the production. On the aircraft SU-27 with the engines AL -31F it is established near 30- TI of world records.

By 2002 Salyut was diversifying its production sites. As part of this strategy, it has purchased the Topaz plant in Chisinau (Moldova) and plans to acquire the Pribor plant in Bendery (Transdniestria). It already owned production facilities in Gavrilov-Yam, Naro-Fominsk, Seim and Faustov in Russia.

Currently, Salyut is specializing in aircraft engines production, repair, and maintenance. The plant produces and repairs the AL-31F and R15B-300 turbojet engines designed for military use. It also produces assemblies and components of the D-436T1 aircraft engines designed for civilian aircraft.

Today MMPP "Salyut" - the important Russian specialized enterprise for production and service servicing of aircraft engines AL-31F/FP (for the aircraft of family SU) and AL-55, on the repair AL-21F (for Su-22) and R-15B-300 for MiG-25, production is main and details for D -436 (modifications for b-200, Tu-334 and Tu-230), D -27 (for An-70, An-180 b -42) and power plants Togte-2shchu.

Today FNPTS MMPP "Salyut" is one of the leading enterprises of the aircraft industry. Enterprise specializes in production and servicing of aircraft engines for the aircraft of the family of sous, production of separate parts for the aircraft An-74, b -200, Tu-334, and also for the ground-based gas-pumping installations.

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