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Vilkha / Alder MRL

"Alder" is a high-precision 300 mm jet ammunition, which is in the service of missile and artillery units of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces. This tool is a deterrent in a firefight with the enemy. "Alder-M" - an upgraded version of the already adopted high-precision volley fire system "Alder". If for "Alder" the range is about 70 km, then for "Alder-M" - 110-120 km.

The high-precision Alder volley fire system has significant export potential. That is why one of the most effective stages of state trials was public for a number of military attaches. Which, in fact, is unprecedented - given my practice of such measures. But here's the logic. Export contracts will speed up the process of rearmament of the army, and, not surprisingly, will help to improve the performance of these weapons. Because the bigger the series, the cheaper each individual serial sample is. Also, the wishes of customers will contribute to the fact that from the "Alder" will grow other "branches".

A military representative of one of the countries, potentially interested in this development, during the demonstration of volley launches of missiles asked - and whether it is possible to install on the "Alder", as a supplement, and a laser homing head. He was told that such a version had also already been worked out: But we believe that for long-range shooting it is irrational. This will complicate the application of the system due to the need to introduce a laser illuminator into the control circuit. This can deprive us of mobility and surprise for the enemy. And so there is a commander, there are several combat vehicles, they received data on targets, made impressions, and quickly left the fire zone. "

For the state concern Ukroboronprom and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Alder has become a good example of creating a new high-tech model of weapons in an extremely short time. Only two years passed from the first launches of mass-scale models of the tactical missile in March 2016 to the state tests with volley launches of "Alder" in April 2018. Given the complexity of development, this is an extremely good indicator. It is now extremely important that, after state tests, mass production of new high-precision missiles of tactical destruction begins at no less rapid pace. Because in the future, this will be a key component of strengthening the missile shield and sword of the country. In fact, this is the mission for Alder.

In Ukraine, since 1995, the number of rockets for MLRS with fragmentation and fragmentation warhead had been limited. Although, according to the military, such a combat unit is considered the most optimal given the number of typical tasks facing missile units in modern conditions. The main combat units of the Smerch MLRS, which are now owned by the Ukrainian army, are cluster munitions.

One combat vehicle fires 12 rockets at a distance of 70 km. The volley of one combat vehicle can turn an area of about 67 hectares into hell. This is about 100 football fields. One machine is enough to destroy an airfield with enemy planes or helicopters. Six vehicles may be enough to thwart an offensive by an enemy mechanized or tank brigade.

But in modern conditions, when Ukraine is not a rich country, the criteria of "efficiency-cost" must be taken into account by both developers and the military. Ukraine must forget that it has to cover the area under volley fire. It is absolutely wrong to use expensive high-precision weapons according to Soviet war patterns. Ukraine must have weapons that are guaranteed to destroy the identified important targets with point strikes. And prepare missiles and calculations. For this, the new "Alder" and its further close combat "relatives" are ideal.

From a practical point of view it is a question of development and manufacturing of a new system of volley fire with possibilities of the high-precision weapon. As well as a new missile in the overall parameters of the missile for MLRS "Tornado". According to Oleg Korostelov, General Director and General Designer of the Kyiv State Design Bureau Luch, who is actually the main driving force behind this project, Alder provides a qualitatively different level of application of MLRS systems. With opportunities that simply did not exist before.

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