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Alder MRL

Tthe NSDC secretary, Alexander Turchinov, announced in January 2018 the testing of the Alder missile system, also of Ukrainian design. The Alder is a multiple launch rocket system with an adjustable missile flight based on the Soviet Smerch MLRS, the accuracy of which is quite low. The range of the Alder is 120 kilometers, which is 30 kilometers more than the Smerch. The launcher contains 12 rockets with a caliber of 300 millimeters, each of which can be aimed at a separate target, and the flight will be controlled. Also, missiles can carry various warheads. Production of Alder will begin this year, and Luch Design Bureau is also developing it. According to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexander Turchinov, despite the demand for Alder

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