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Republic of China Marine Corps [ROCMC] Training

Until recentlyl, the Marines in Taiwan were drafted and served an average of 18 months. They also have very limited training grounds. Because Taiwan is so small, it's hard to find places in to train. For example, Tawain Marines have trouble finding places to do live-fire exercises. Because of the size of the United States, there are many places U.S. Marines can train. Tawain Marine Corps do not have combat experience as many American Marines do. They aren't as involved in world events as the US Marines here are. And because Tawain Marines only serve a year and a half, their combat readiness is decreased.

Marine Corps School, affiliated to the Naval Education, Training and Standards Development Command, is dedicated to the basic education, further education and professional education for officers and NCOs of marine corps. Marine Corps School is responsible for the pre-assuming-office lectures for cadres, for the nurturing of teachers for physical battle skills, and for the second stage of specialty training for trainees. Marine Corps School also host classes for Political Campaign School, for R.O.C. Naval Academy, for summer classes demanded by comrades and for classes related to amphibious operations.

It is the main organization researching and developing strategy for amphibious operations of National Armed Forces. We are unique in our country’s military training system due to the mission of considering training for both on-land fighting and amphibious operations. So, we focus primarily on fighting skills, strategic ability, insistence and team spirit when training students.

“Permanent loyalty” is the motto of Marine Corps. Members of Marine corps hold the spirit that “Serve one day in Marine Corps, dedicate for Marine Corps forever.” Marines seek for excellence and do not afraid of suffering, difficulties and death. R.O.C. Marine Corps is recognized as the toughest troop throughout the country and from abroad. Kai-shek Chiang, The former President of R.O.C., praised that Marines are the heroes among heroes.

National Military troops with the spirit of helping and caring for people to actively coordinate with government to push local civil work in April 2014. Marine Corps perform triphibian operations training in Pingtung area and to build up friendship with local people by helping harvester to crop onions over a long period of time.

Major General Wang of Commander of Marine Corps said, Marine Corps have always been good interaction with Hengchun area. Help local people cropping onions each year. This is the best performance of “Caring and Helping people”. Looking at soldiers who work hard to help people cropping and farmers with grateful smile all over the face, we can imagine the relationship between military and people will be more intimate. We will receive practical support even in the combat readiness training and national defense." Many Marines never thought of experiencing rural life besides combat training during service. Being with farmers, they realized the joys and sorrows of farmers and also build up deep relationship with each other which is a rare military career windfall.

ROCMC is worldwide renown for it's tough training and as one of the best force in world. The ROC Marine elite corps of frogmen are officially called the Amphibious Searching Unit of the ROC Marine Corps. Their motto is: "Let the high mountains bow and the deep seas give way before us." In war, they serve as a spearhead of the armed forces. They must slip into enemy occupied territory before a major attack. Their task is to destroy the barriers facing a landing force, pinpoint enemy pillboxes and map airports and sandbars. On the sea, they are taught to maneuver rubber boats while combating the enemy and detonating targets. On the land, they are trained in long-distance jogging, demolitions, searching, surveillance, hand-to-hand fighting and guerilla warfare. In the mountains, they learn to scale cliffs and cross ravines.

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