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Armaments Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense

202nd ArsenalDesigns and produces large and small artillery, and manufacture munitions for artillery systems.
203rd ArsenalDeveloped advanced camouflage materials for special forces use.
205th ArsenalDeveloped and produced the T75 pistol, T93 sniper rifle, T91 assault rifle and XT-97 Assault Rifle. Also involved in quadcopter development and production. Based in Kaohsiung, the 205th Arsenal sells firearms components and ammunition on the American commercial market.
209th ArsenalDevelopment of CM-32 Armored Vehicle. Located in the Nantou County town of Jiji.
No. 401 Plant

The Armament Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense is an agency of the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China. It was established on March 1, 2002. It is responsible for the production, procurement and quality inspection of military supplies of the Republic of China Army , as well as the management of the National Army’s old camp reconstruction fund.

Program Evaluation Division (Program Evaluation Division) is responsible for armament acquisition policy planning and recommendations, international armament exchange and cooperation planning and control, combat readiness support equipment (logistics support equipment and combat readiness ammunition) construction investment outline and review of the general work plan And for the review of required documents, departmental reports; military product specification editing, military standard management, inspection system and quality assurance and other policy system planning, review (agreement), supervision and application matters.

Technology and Industry Division (Technology and Industry Division) is responsible for national defense science and technology industry cooperation and exchanges, science and technology development plans and core energy, science and technology and industrial management, armaments and science and technology development trend prediction, production and service operation funds, production planning Planning, review, supervision and management of painting, military product marketing, industrial and commercial services, industrial safety, etc.

Acquisition Management Division (Acquisition Management Division) is responsible for the national army’s main weapon systems and equipment acquisition management, overall logistics support, project management, system engineering, testing and evaluation, international military logistics cooperation and exchanges and other policy system planning, guidance, verification, Verification and supervision matters.

Procurement Management Division (Procurement Management Division) is responsible for the formulation, interpretation and promulgation of procurement policies and laws of military agencies, the establishment of procurement systems and business supervision, research and improvement, procurement audits, procurement personnel experience management and professional training, among others Matters related to procurement management.

Construction and Facility Division (Construction and Facility Division) is responsible for the planning, review, approval, and verification of policies and systems such as the national military facilities engineering policy system, real estate management and application, defense facility construction and repair and maintenance plan, camp reform fund, water and power supply, etc. Supervision matters. Management Information Office (Management Information Office) is responsible for planning, reviewing, promoting, supervising and managing the use of information policy systems and development strategies for armaments, e-commerce and logistics information systems, security protection mechanisms, etc.

General Administration Office is responsible for planning, reviewing, reviewing, approving, executing and executing the management and application of the Armament Bureau’s compilation table, education and training, organization and research, personnel management, administrative affairs, political operations, supervision and defense, etc. Management matters.

Comptroller Office is responsible for planning, review, inspection, implementation and management of annual policy plans and budgets, accounting affairs of subsidiary units (funds), internal audits, and official statistics.

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