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AT-5 AJT Advanced Jet Trainer - Yung Yin (Brave Eagle) Specifications

VariantXAT-5, AT-5, XT-5
RoleAdvanced jet trainer
designHanxiang Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.
BuilderHanxiang Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.
First FlightExpected 2020
Statusservice Expected 2026
Number builtExpected 66
OperatorsRepublic of China Air Force
Total Cost10.39 billion Taiwan dollars
Unit priceabout 730 million Taiwan dollars
(about 33 million US dollars)
Comparable Aircraft
Wingspan meters feet
Wing Aspect Ratio
Fuselage Maximum Diametermeters feet
length meters feet
height meters feet
wing area sqm sqfeet
Weight empty kg lb
takeoff (clean) kg lb
takeoff (maximum) kg lb
Fuel, Internal kg lb
Fuel, External kg lb
Payload kg lb
Max weapon load kg lb
Power Plant2 international turbine engine company /
Hanwei United International Corporation
F124-200TW turbofan engine
Thrust, max, SLS, ISA x kg x lbst
Internal fuel (usable) kg lb
Performance (clean, ISA)
Max level speed (sea level) KTAS
Limit speed KEAS / MN
Stall speed (landing, 20% fuel) 90 KCAS
Stall speed (reference) KCAS
Rate of climb (SL) feet/min
Service ceiling meters feet
Range / 3 ext. tanks (10% reserve) km nm
Range, ext. tanks km nm
Range, clean km nm
Endurance, clean / ext. tanks h min / hr
Max sustained Load Factor (S.L.) g
Max sustained Load Factor (15,000 feet) g
Max sustained Turn Rate (15,000 feet) deg/sec
Takeoff ground run (S.L.) meters feet
Landing ground roll (S.L., 20% internal fuel) meters feet
Limit Load factor + g / - g
Crew 2

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