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General Staff Security Directorate

The General Staff Security Directorate is variously referred to as the Army of Yugoslavia [or General Staff] Intelligence [or Security] Directorate [or Administration]. The Security Directorate of the General Staff of the Army of Yugoslavia is responsible for overseeing the Counterintelligence Service [Kontraobavesajna Sluzba - KOS] as well as the units of the Military Police. The Directorate was at one point headed by Colonel-General Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, known as a close Milosevic collaborator, and who was also head of KOS.

Milosevic's decision to rely on the police, not the army, was based on the hesitation of a considerable number of officers in the face of the "Serbo-ization" of the Yugoslav People's Army [JNA] which was to be turned into an instrument of Greater Serbian policy. Milosevic decided that it was necessary to clean up the KOS and the Army of Yugoslavia intelligence service, which could become the brain of an officers' plot. The decision was taken to remove the key cadre and to rely primarily on the police and the SDB of Serbia, even for purely military issues. Thus the key actions in Bosnia were not performed by the regular army but by paramilitary units fielded by the Internal Affairs Ministry.

At the same time that the campaign against the army security bodies was taking place, the KOS used foreign agencies and the Internet to make counterattacks. Discoveries were made which connected the SDB of Serbia to the wiretapping of talks between Milosevic and Karadzic. Aleksandar Trifonij, a retired official of the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Army of Yugoslavia, spoke with foreign journalists about the electronic espionage to which the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was exposed.

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