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Army of Yugoslavia [VJ]

Post-1990 Organization

The JNA's structure was changed several times since the Slovenian War of Independence. Three major military re-organizations took place in 1991, 1992 and 1993. But, until the summer of 1991, the JNA was organized into three Military Districts (MD) and a Naval Military District. The Air and Air Defence Force had a separate headquarters at the same level of command as the MD. The MD, designated the 1st, 3rd, and 5th, represented an intermediate level of command between the General Staff and actual combat units. Each MD was responsible for exercising Federal control of forces within its geographic region.

The 1st MD, headquartered in Belgrade, was responsible for coordinating the defence of central and north-eastern Yugoslavia. Its estimated strength was 40,000 troops organized into six corps formations, plus units directly subordinate to the MD. Corps headquarters subordinate to the 1st MD were the following:

  • 4th Corps, headquartered at Sarajevo;
  • 5th Corps, headquartered at Banja Luka;
  • 12th Corps, headquartered at Novi Sad;
  • 17th Corps, headquartered at Tuzla;
  • 24th Corps, headquartered at Kragujevac; and
  • 37th Corps, headquartered at U ice.

In addition to these forces, the 1st MD had a mechanized infantry division (headquartered in Belgrade), three mixed artillery and anti-tank brigades, and a rocket artillery brigade directly subordinate to the MD headquarters. The 1st MD was thought to have 968 tanks, 633 armoured combat vehicles and 1,392 artillery pieces, including 92 multiple rocket launchers.

The 3rd MD, headquartered in Skopje, was responsible for the defence of Yugoslavia's southern flank. Its estimated troop strength was 41,000, again organized into Corps and direct reporting units. The five Corps headquarters subordinate to the 3rd MD were:

  • 2nd Corps, headquartered at Titograd;
  • 21st Corps, headquartered at Nis;
  • 41st Corps, headquartered at Bitola;
  • 42nd Corps, headquartered at Kumanovo; and
  • 52nd Corps, headquartered at Pristina.

Two brigades of armour and two brigades of mixed artillery and anti-tank weapons were directly subordinate to the MD. The 3rd MD had 729 tanks, 472 armoured combat vehicles, and 1,190 artillery pieces, including 60 multiple rocket launchers.

The 5th MD, headquartered at Zagreb, was responsible for the defence of northern Yugoslavia and had an estimated troop strength of 35,000. The 5th MD had five Corps headquarters:

  • 10th Corps, headquartered at Zagreb;
  • 13th Corps, headquartered at Rijeka;
  • 14th Corps, headquartered at Ljubljana;
  • 31st Corps, headquartered at Maribor; and
  • 32nd Corps, headquartered at Vara din.

The 5th MD had 711 tanks, 367 armoured combat vehicles, and 869 artillery pieces, of which 64 were multiple rocket launchers.

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