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Army of Yugoslavia [VJ]

Order of Battle

The sucessors of the YPA were the Army of Yugoslavia [VJ] and the Army of the Serb Republic [VRS], though in practice the distinction between these formations had declined with time.

The Dayton agreement limited the number of heavy weapons of the army. At the beginning of 1998 the land forces had 90,000 members and 630 tanks (230 modern M-84's and the remaining 400 T-55's), 634 armored personnel carriers and infantry armored vehicles, 38 BPDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles, 474 105mm and 122mm guns and howitzers, 180 130mm guns, 75 122mm self-propelled howitzers, and 132 152mm and 155mm howitzers.

As of 1998, the the Armed Forces were aligned into three Armies and one Corps:

  • The 1st Army was oriented toward the north and Croatia.
  • The 2nd Army was oriented toward Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • The 3rd Army was oriented toward the south and southwest -- Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.
  • The Special Purposes Corps includes a paratroop brigade, an armored brigade, and a mixed unit of brigade strength for diversionary and reconnaissance actions and for antiguerilla and antiterrorist combat operations.

The 3rd Army, headquartered in Nis, was under the command of Lt Col Gen Pavkovic. The 3rd Army includes

  • Timok Tactical Group
  • Nis Corps
  • Leskovac Corps
  • Pristina Corps
    • 15th Mechanized Brigade
    • 52nd Mixed Artillery Brigade
    • 58th Light Mechanized Brigade
    • 102nd Mechanized Antiarmor Brigade
    • 243rd Armored Brigade
    • 549th Motorized Brigade
    • Air-Defense Rocket-Artillery Brigade had anti-aircraft missiles along with associated radar stations

Units of the 2nd and 3rd Armies of the Yugoslav Army conducted exercises in counterinsurgency and anti-landing operations in the area of the Pester plateau in Sandzak, and continued similar exercises in the Kosovo area.

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