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Unarmia - Young Army

Officially, the All-Russian military-patriotic movement "Unarmia" started in Russia on September 1, 2016, with the main task the patriotic education of schoolchildren [the transliteration "unarmy" - literally "Young Army" - is unfortunately, because it suggests "not-army", as in the "un-Cola"]. It acts within the all-Russian public-state children's and youth organization "Russian movement of schoolchildren." The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the formation of this organization in January 2016. The initiator of the revival of the movement was Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. This proposal was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the Soviet Union there was a sports and fitness complex "Ready for Labor and Defense" (revived in Russia in 2014). In all secondary schools, the subject of "Initial military training" (CWP) was mandatory for pupils of 9-10th grades - both boys and girls.

In 1990, the All-Union Youth Movement was formed, which engaged in military sports games Zarnitsa, Orlyonok, Gaidarovets, organized fame at the Eternal Flame, military patriotic clubs Young Frontier Guard, Zorgenets, and others. In 1992, it was transformed into a children's and youth voluntary voluntary organization "Movement of Young Patriots" (DUP).

The movement's activities are aimed at the patriotic education of the younger generation, the introduction of young men and women to the history of the Fatherland. Within its framework, programs are being implemented to train children and adolescents for military service, various contests and competitions, gatherings and rallies are held on the basis of military units. Currently, the movement continues to operate in a number of Russian regions (Mordovia, Ulyanovsk, Bryansk regions, etc.).

The founding meeting of the Unarmy was held on May 28, 2016 on the site of the Patriot Park in the Moscow region of Kubinka. The rally brought together about 500 delegates from all 85 Russian regions, in which Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu took part.

Among the founders of the movement were: DOSAAF of Russia; All-Russian public organization of veterans of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation; the chairman of the Union of Russian Airborne Troops, the head of the Moscow city branch of the All-Russian public organization of veterans "Combat Brotherhood", Hero of the Soviet Union Valery Vostrotin; the first woman cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, State Duma deputy Valentina Tereshkova; First Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society, State Duma Deputy Artur Chilingarov; two-time Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Svetlana Khorkina. At the meeting, the charter, the hymn and the symbolism of the movement were approved. Form of clothing and attributes of the members of the organization was developed by the Russian Defense Ministry. Its distinctive feature is the red berets and red T-shirts with the logo of the movement, which depicts its symbol - the profile of the head of the eagle, turned to the right, with a star of silver color and the inscription "Unarmy". May 28, 2017 in the park "Patriot" was held II All-Russia Youth Council, which was attended by about 400 delegates.

The supreme governing body of the movement is the All-Russia Young Council. It is convened at least once every five years. In the period between the meetings, the leadership carries out the main headquarters of the Unarmy, which is located in Moscow. Its composition is elected for a period of five years from the number of the UNAMSIL asset, the organizers of the movement or representatives of the founding organizations.

As stated at the inaugural meeting of the Unarmy, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the main task of the movement is to educate healthy, patriotic citizens of Russia. The military-patriotic movement, in particular, is called upon to unite all organizations engaged in pre-conscription training of the younger generation. In addition to the governing bodies, the structure of the Unarmy includes regional and local branches, military units. The structure of the movement is tied to the places of deployment of military units, military schools, the infrastructure of DOSAAF and CSKA. The central site for holding all-Russian events is the Patriot Park and its branches in the military districts, and at the regional level - DOSAAF and CSKA sports facilities.

In addition to the rallies, the Unarmy also holds forums, in 2017 - for the first time at the regional level. Since 2018, the All-Russian Patriotic Forum "I - the Unarmy!" Has started. The task of the first forum is to tell about the main achievements of the UNHCR movement, and also to interest and attract new members to the ranks of the UNARM. Meetings with cultural figures and artists, scientists, astronauts, well-known journalists and bloggers will be organized for children and teenagers. It is planned to hold master classes with Olympic champions, as well as practical classes on writing texts, videotaping and editing, etc.

The main forms of the activity of the children's and youth movement are military sports games, sports games for military applied sports, Memory Watches and marches to places of military glory, as well as fasting at the Eternal Flame, obelisks and memorials. On May 9, 2017, the military men took part for the first time in the parade dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Two ceremonial traffic calculations totaling 240 people passed through Red Square in Moscow.

The leaders of the organization set themselves the goal of growing a generation capable of not only protecting the Fatherland with weapons in hand, but also defending the interests of Russia in peaceful spheres. The Unarmists will actively study the geography and history of Russia, its peoples, heroes, generals and outstanding scientists, and engage in initial military training. The Russian Defense Minister promised the military men that they will have the opportunity to fly on airplanes, jump with a parachute and shoot from any weapons, except missiles. Adolescents in their free time will be engaged in volunteer and social activities, take part in cultural and sporting events, historical Olympiads, reconstructions, Memory Watches, search expeditions, and will also be able to get additional education.

Citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached 11 years can enter the Unarmy. The entry of entire public organizations is also permitted: military-patriotic clubs, search squads, etc. In addition, the participants in the movement may be foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons legally residing in the Russian Federation.

Membership in the organization is voluntary. Yunarmeytsa Oath : "I swear to strive for victories in school and sports, live a healthy life, to prepare themselves to serve and creativity for the benefit of the Fatherland, honor the memory of the heroes who fought for freedom and independence of our country, to be a patriot and a good citizen of Russia." The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has developed a special form: beige trousers, boots, jackets and red berets with the sign of the Unarmy - the eagle. CSKA athletes, in motion, wear blue polo t-shirts, all the rest - red. The uniform, as well as the banner of the military men were received from the Minister of Defense.

The movement produces printed publications: a weekly newspaper (circulation - 10 thousand copies) and a monthly magazine "Unarmeets" (5 thousand copies). There are 85 regional traffic headquarters (one in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation) and 1.6 thousand local branches. As of February 21, 2018, almost 192,600 people joined Unarmy.

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