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TM-1-180 railway artillery 180mm

Years of release 1934 - 1941
Total released 20 units.
Crew40 people
Caliber 180 mm
Weight in the combat position 160 tons
transition from travel to position in combat 60 minutes
Prev. speed (locomotive) km / h 45 km / h
Lowering time beam on the
concrete foundation of the motor
10 min manually
minimum allowable radius of curvature of path 125 m
number of axes of the conveyor units 8
Number of trolleys 4 pcs axle. 2
The number of trucks 6-axle pieces
Number of support legs pcs 8
Conveyor length between buffers mm 19980 Conveyor
height in the stowed position
(from the rail head) mm
largest transverse dimension mm 3140
Free length of the main beam mm 10750
Distance from the rail head
to the tool axle axis
(in the firing position) mm
Weight of the main beam t. 41.0
Mass of parts rolling from the conveyor 54.0
Capacity of magazine
shells pcs 102
semi-shells pcs 204
Barrel and ballistics
Caliber mm 180
Gun length, calibers 57
Full length of the barrel mm 10345 Barrel
length of the threaded part mm 8267
steepness of the rifling constant
number of rifling 40
Rate of fire3.5 - 5 shots / min
greatest shooting range37129 m
Shooting angles:
Vertical0 + 50
Max. Initial speed m / s 920
Max. Pressure kg / cm 52.0 3200
Barrel life rds. 320
Charging angle + 10
Propellant delivery time, sec. 1
Same charge, sec. 4
Full delivery time, sec. 5 About

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