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T-62 Variants

  • T-62 (Object 166) - basic version
  • T-62A (Object 165) - the basic version of the tank developed in parallel with the (Object 166) T-62. A new cast turret with a rifled 100-mm D-54TS gun + a mechanism for ejecting shells through the aft hatch of the turret was installed. Besides the standard 7.62-mm PKT coaxial machine gun with a range of 1,000 meters, the T-62A version features a 12.7-mm DShK antiaircraft machine gun with a range of 1,500 meters against ground targets and a slant range of 1,000 meters against aircraft. The T-62A also has a stabilized main gun, which enables the gunner to track and fire on the move with significantly improved accuracy.
  • T-62K - commander's T-62 with R-130 radio station, HF radio station and AB-1 charging unit for powering consumers during long-term work on the spot + reduced gun and machine gun ammunition. Command tank models also have a land navigation system which includes a gyroscopic compass and a calculator giving continuous enroute readout of the tank's location (in relation to its point of origin) and its distance from and azimuth to a predetermined objective.
  • T-62B (Object 166M) - an experimental tank equipped with smaller-diameter road wheels, like the 167 object, and a V-36F engine with a power of 640 hp. with.
  • Object 166ML - object 166M on which the ATGM 9K14 "Baby" was installed as an additional weapon.
  • Object 167M - At the turn of 1963–1964, materials on the T-62B tank (“object 167M”) were submitted for consideration to the scientific and technical council of the State Committee for Combating the Defense under the sauce of the initiative modernization of the T-62 tank. This combat vehicle differed from the serial tank in multi-layer armoring of the frontal projection of the hull and turret, had an “object 167” undercarriage, a 125-mm D-81 cannon with a Rain stabilizer and a T2S sight, a carousel-type loading mechanism, a B-2 type engine with a power 780 HP with a supercharger, improved radiators, air filters, fuel and oil systems, as well as reinforced transmission units. Thus, in 1964, L. N. Kartsev offered the country a new tank, obtained from the T-62 not in a revolutionary, but in an evolutionary way. With a high degree of continuity, which reduced its cost and facilitated both production and operation in the army. Well, considering that the Uralvagonzavod produced and tested the "object 167T" tank with a gas turbine engine, then it is quite possible to assume the possibility of a variant of the T-62B tank with a gas turbine engine. In this case, the latter would differ only in the power plant
  • T-62P (Object 166P) - experienced with lining to enhance anti-radiation protection.
  • T-62D - active protection complex "Drozd" + additional armor protection of the turret and hull + rubber-fabric side anti-cumulative screens + V-55U engine, 620 hp with. + Soda anti-napalm system + upgraded running gear
  • T-62 variants with a V-46 T-72-type engine add -1 to their designation.
  • T-62D-1 - variant of the T-62D tank with the V-46-5M engine
  • T-62M (Object 166M6) - additional armor protection of the turret, hull and bottom + rubber-fabric side anti-cumulative screens + anti-neutron lining on the turret + 9K116-2 Sheksna guided weapon system + V-55U engine, 620 hp with. + new Volna fire control system + 902B Tucha smoke grenade launcher and Soda anti-napalm system + heat shield on the gun barrel + modernized undercarriage + introduced a caterpillar from the T-72 tank + R-173 radio station + radio receiver R-173P
  • T-62M-1 - T-62M variant with V-46-5M engine
  • T-62M1 - T-62M variant with Volna FCS but no missile launch capability.
  • T-62M1-1 - T-62M-1 without KUV
  • T-62M1-2 - T-62M without KUV and without additional hull armor
  • T-62M1-2-1 - T-62M1-2 with V-46-5M engine
  • T-62MK - commander's T-62M, radio station R-130 and TNA-3.
  • T-62MV: Version with installed ERA hinged dynamic protection in place of the bra armor without additional armor protection of the turret and hull. The ERA includes Kontakt ERA and Kontakt-5 2nd-Generation ERA.
  • T-62MV-1 - T-62MV variant with V-46-5M diesel engine
  • T-62MD - T-62M equipped with the active protection complex "Drozd"
  • TO-62 - flamethrower modification of the T-62, a flamethrower installed instead of a coaxial machine gun (flame throwing range - 200 m)
  • T-62AM - modernization of the T-62 with a 125 mm gun
  • T-62MB - modernization of the T-62 tank: 115-mm gun equipped with a heat-shielding casing + built-in dynamic protection on the turret and mounted on the hull + V-46-5M engine + new control system + KUV 1K116-2 "Sheksna"
  • T-62-5TDF - Ukrainian version of the modernization of T-62 tanks, developed by KMDB for the modernization of tanks of the Egyptian army
  • T55-62-VE MRV - Italian project for the modernization of T-55, T-62 tanks by Vehicle Engineering cgd Srl based on Italian tank components
  • WZ-122A "San Ye" - Chinese prototype, a copy of the captured Soviet T-62 from Damansky Island.
  • WZ-122B "San Ji" - Chinese prototype based on WZ-122A with 6 reduced diameter road wheels per side, traditional fender, manual transmission.
  • T-62 Ch'onma-Ho: Beginning in the late 1970s, North Korea began to produce a modified version of the 115mm gunned T-62 tank. Based on general trends and photography of armed forces parades, it is clear that North Korea has made considerable modifications to the basic Soviet and Chinese designs in its own production.
  • IMPULSE-2M - caterpillar fire truck.
  • TP-62 - Bulgarian tracked fire engine
  • TV-62 - Bulgarian recovery vehicle
  • T-62 Berezhok Heavy IFV - The Algerian Army is going to turn the T-62 into tank support combat vehicles. The new armored vehicle, like the Terminator BMPT, will cover the actions of infantry and tank units, destroying enemy manpower and armored vehicles.

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