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Su-28 / Su-25UT (Frogfoot B) Training aircraft

Su-28 Training aircraftSu-28 is a training aircraft based on the Su-25 attack aircraft. The T-8-UT (UT - Uchebno-Trenirovochnyi, Trainer) project was developed in 1981 to replace the Czechoslovak L-39 Albatros training and training center in the VVAUL. The aircraft is a simplified modification of the Su-25UB combat trainer aircraft in terms of reducing the composition of equipment and removing weapons. The Su-28 two-seat training aircraft is designed to teach piloting, aircraft navigation, group flying and practicing aerobatics. The Su-28 allows making a skilled pilot out of a cadet who previously flew only on piston aircraft.

The aircraft is a simplified modification of the Su-25UB, which reduced the composition of weapons and equipment. The crew is designed for two people. The mission was to train novice pilots in aerobatics, aeronautics, and aerobatics. It was possible to facilitate the design of the airframe by eliminating most systems of combat use. The nose of the aircraft took the sighting system, which was mounted ballast.

In the process of training flights, the Su-28 aircraft provides the following types of flight training:

  • initial training;
  • development of piloting and aircraft navigation techniques day and night, in simple and difficult weather conditions;
  • instrument flights using blindfold blinds;
  • training pilots in special flight cases with simulated failure of the flight-navigation system, engine and aircraft systems.

This idea was proposed in 1981 by Marshal A.N.Efimov, who wanted to replace the Czech L-39 with "his" Su-25UT.

To this end, in June 1987, the first prototype T-8UB1 aircraft was put into development. It was decided to improve the machine as much as possible to lighten the car, for which all systems for installing weapons and sighting equipment were removed from it, sewing was installed on the site of the cannon compartment and the “window” of the Klen station, and a centering load was installed in the bow compartment. Sewing appeared on the wing at the installation site "washed down".

The improvements were completed by the end of July 1987 and in August of the same year, the Su-25UT made its first flight. The plane flew around and prepared to participate in the air festival, which was supposed to take place in August, on the day of the Air Fleet in Tushino. For the first time, a Su-25UT aircraft landed at a grass-covered airfield. This event once again confirmed the excellent take-off and landing characteristics of the aircraft (General Designer MP Simonov directed and made the decision to land the aircraft on the ground). But the flight of the Su-28 (the training version of the aircraft received such a designation) was canceled.

After comprehensive testing and refinement, 2 years later, in June 1989, this aircraft, already under the designation Su-28M (board number 302), was demonstrated along with the combat version of the Su-25 aircraft at the international air show in Le Bourget in France. He also participated in international exhibitions in the Philippines, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Due to the onset of the economic and political crisis in the country, the Su-28 was not put into mass production. The experience of creating the Su-28 was used in the development of a training aircraft for carrier-based aircraft Su-25UTG.

Su-28 Training aircraft

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