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Su-25 Variants

Su-25 single-seat variants

  1. Su-25 (Frogfoot A) -- Original production ground attack aircraft with R-95 engines, 582 built.
  2. Su-25 -- recce aircraft (project)
  3. Su-25B -- (project)
  4. Su-25BM: Target tug, 50 built.
  5. Su-25BM -- Enhanced ground attack aircraft with R-195 engines, this is the final production version, and the most numerous in Russian service
  6. Su-25K: Export single-seater, 180 to 185 built.
  7. Su-25K -- shipborne catapult - assisted attack aircraft (project)
  8. Su-25K -- Export version of Su-25 (commercial)
  9. Su-25T ("Su-34"): All-weather variant
  10. Su-25T (Su-25TM Tankovyi Modifitsirovannyi, Antitank) -- Proposed enhanced version with more armor, improved sensors, and possibly a new gun and engines [Su-25T's production designation is Su-39, up to 22 built.]
  11. Su-25TK -- Proposed export version of Su-25T tank-buster
  12. Su-25TM ("Su-39" strike shield): Improved all-weather multirole export version variant, three built.
  13. Su-25SM: Russian Air Force single-seater upgrade with improved avionics, program in progress at last notice.
  14. Su-25KM Scorpion: TAM/Elbit upgrade demonstrator, one update from older single-seater.
  15. Su-25SM - A Su-25 upgrade. The Su-25SM may be the most effective means to support the Syrian government forces in the fight against the group "Islamic State", just as the US used the A-10 attack aircraft to support the Iraqi authorities.

Su-25 two-seat variants

  1. Su-25U -- combat trainer
  2. Su-25UB (Frogfoot B) (UB - Uchebno-Boevoi, Combat Trainer) -- Two-seat combat trainer, possibly 130 to 180 built.
  3. Su-25UBK -- Export version of Su-25UB, possibly 20 built.
  4. Su-25UBP -- Naval trainer based on Su-25UB
  5. Su-25UT (Frogfoot B) (UT - Uchebno-Trenirovochnyi, Trainer) -- Unarmed primary trainer (sometimes referred to as Su-28). Proposed DOSAAF trainer, one conversion from Su-24UB.
  6. Su-25UTG (Frogfoot B) (UTG - Uchebno-Trenirovochnyi Gakovyi, Trainer Naval) -- Naval trainer based on Su-25UT, with ruggedized landing gear and arresting hook. Ten built.
  7. Su-25UBP: Su-25UTG with inflight refueling probe, ten to be built as conversions of Su-25UBs, unclear if any were.
  8. Su-25UBM: Russian Air Force two-seater upgrade with improved avionics, program in progress.
  9. Su-25UZ -- Russian Troika three-seat trainer (project)

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