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Air units and individual squadrons with Su-24

1 UAPIB airfield Lebyazhe, Mihailovka. At the beginning of the 90s. armed with the Su-24, along with the Mi-23 and -27. After 1992, the decision on withdrawal of the MiG-23 and 27 with weapons and in the regiment were only the Su-24.

2 Guards BAP 21 th BAA 23rd VA, airfield Dzhida (Zabaikalsk IN).

3 BAP 149th BAA 4th VA (Northern Group of Forces USSR Armed Forces) of the reformed third FBAR, in 1983. This year, the regiment received the Su-24 Release 74 ... 75 years. In 1991 it had a total of 20 Su-24 (two AE) commander Colonel Lychagin. Since the beginning of 1992 relocated to the airport Szprotawa, Poland. By June 3, 1992 launched the Urals.

4 Guards BAP 132nd BAA Air Baltic IN airfield Chernyahovsk rearm the Su-24 in 1974, the first in the Soviet Air Force.

BAP 7, Su-24M, airfield Starokostiantyniv Khmelnitsky region. Rearmed with the Su-24 in the 70-ies. (Previously it was armed with IL-28 and Yak-28). In the 80-ies. I received a Su-24M. The regiment had also several Su-24MK aircraft.

Orapa 10 26 VA airfield Shchuchin Belarusian VO participated in the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan on the MiG-21P. Following the withdrawal of the Soviet Union reformed and rearmed on the Su-24MR aircraft.

11 The Red Vitebsk Orapa, formed in 1942, in Moscow, in 1954 was part of the 16th Air Force GSVG VA (WGF). It relocated to the airport Neu Welz near Dresden. In the 60-ies. I got samoletyYak-28R (2 AE), Yak-28PP (1 AE). The regiment took part in the Czech 1968 events during the re-received 24 Su-24MR (two AE) and 6-12 MiG-25RB (one AE) In the early 80-ies. the regiment also received several Su-24MP. It remains part of the 16th VA to June 1990, when the two Su-24MR AE output in the USSR (at the airport Chernigov. Since 1992, the MiG-25 flew to Russia, and the Su-24MR remained in Ukraine.

15 PDR Navy Baltic Fleet, the airfield Chkalovsky (near Kaliningrad). The regiment received the Su-24MR aircraft in the 80-ies., But them was armed with long-range reconnaissance Tu-16R and Tu-22P.

39 Orapa BBC Central Asian IN 70 th rr. armed aircraft Yak-28R, is located at the airport Balkhash, since the end of 1979 acting on the base of the DRA with Mary. In the 1986- 1987 biennium. rearmed with the Su-24MR.

42 Guards Tannenbergsky BAP formed as 8 IAP in April 1938, during World War II renamed the 42 Guards IAP. Since 1945, 42 IAP is in Germany, since 1947 - in Poland, with the February 1951 permanently based in Stara Kopernya from May 1955 became a member of the 149th IAD on the MiG-15, then the MiG-17. In 1960 it was renamed the 42th GIBAP (armed with MiG-17, and then - the MiG-21). Since 1981, it renamed GBAP with the same number and rearmed again, having received about 36 Su-24 (three AE). In 1984, he received 25 Su-24M (two AE). May 5, 1992 launched the Far East.

63 BAP Air Baltic IN airfield Chernyakhovsk. Rearmed with the Su-24 was among the first in the mid 70s.

67 BAP 149th BAA Baltic IN airfield Siverskiy, armed with the Su-24 since the mid 70s.

69 BAP 289th BAA 14th VA, airfield Ovruch, Western Ukraine, armed with the Su-24.

87 Orapa Air Turkestan IN airfield Karshi. As of 1986-1987. rearmed with Yak-28R on the Su-24MR.

BAP 89, 18 formed as IAP in June 1938 since 1945 as part of the 149th IAD is based in China. In May 1955 launched Poland Szprotawa to the airfield. In 1960 he received the Su-7B and renamed the 89th IBAP. Since 1975, he received the Su-17M, in 1976 renamed the FBAR 89. Since 1982, he began retraining on the Su-24 and renamed BAP 89, 1989 received the Su-24M (24 aircraft at 1991). Relocated to St. Petersburg July 7, 1992, and disbanded.

114 BAP It formed in 1952 at the airport Starokonstantinov (Khmelnitsky region.) on the aircraft IL-28. In 1968 he relocated to the airport Domna and entered the exiling 23rd VA. In 1973, rearmed with the Su-24 (the first regiment of the Su-24 in the Asian part of the USSR). Currently, the regiment disbanded.

116 BAP 24th VA, airfield Ross, armed with Su-24M.

118 OAPREP (PSREP), Chertkov, the USSR, for 1990 was 30 Yak-28PP, (in 1993 eight of them were already on the conservation of the remaining 22 remained in service until 1994). In 1992, he received a 6 Su-24MP of the 11th Orapa (see.). After the collapse of USSR renamed the 118th APPP Ukrainian Air Force.

125 Orapa 23rd VA (Trans-Baikal IN), the airport Domna Chita region. The regiment armed with the Su-24MR and Su-17M3R. 143 BAP, at the beginning of the 80s. armed with the Su-24M, is located at the airport of Kutaisi-1 (Kopintari) Transcaucasian IN. The pilots of the regiment ensure that the tests of the Su-24M in the highlands. In April 1984, the regiment was the first time participated in the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (the first combat use of the Su-24). From 20.01. on 14.2.1989, the regiment again took part in the fighting in Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, ensuring the withdrawal of Soviet troops on January 1989 the regiment had three AE, only 26 Su-24M, the commander Lt. Col. Nikulin. In the 1990s it joined the 36th BAD 4th BA probably participated in the fighting in Chechnya.

149 Guards Red Banner BAP Air Turkestan IN on April 1984 based on the airfield Nikolaevka, near Alma-Ata, armed with the Su-24, the regimental commander, Colonel VN Boyko. In April, 1984, and from autumn 1988 took part in the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (the last sortie - 01/11/1989 city), just 149 DRA BAP performed 140 regimental sorties dropped 7,500 tons. Bombs).

164 Guards Kerch Orapa It formed as the 164th Orapa (cm.) in August 1941 in Armenia. Since summer 1945 is deployed in Poland, he became a member of the 4th Air Force GBS BA. Since 1954, armed with the IL-28R, 1961 - Yak-27R, 1968 - Yak-28R, from 1973 - in addition to the Yak-28R received 14 MiG-25RB, RBC, RBF, RBT and 2 MiG-25RU, In November 1985 the last remaining in the ranks of the Yak-28R are replaced with Su-24MR 12. By the end of the 80 rr. AE had one on the Su-24MR, the MiG-25RB and MiG-25BM. By AE 1.8.90 of the MiG-25BM bred in the Soviet Union and the rest flew to Russia May 14, 1992 A new home has become a place aerodrome Shatalovo. The regiment was made part of the Air Force MVO.

168 BAP 36th BAA 4th VA 1994-1995., Allegedly armed with Su-24.

234 CAII demonstration aircraft, Kubinka. Since 1978, armed with MiG-23ML, then the MiG-29. In addition, there was a shelf and other equipment, including The Su-24.

305 BAP 1st BAA, the airport Pastavy, Belarus, armed with the Su-24.

306 BAP 289th BAA 14th VA, Lutsk airport, reformed from the IBAP with the same number (previously equipped with the Su-17), rearmed in the Su-24 in the 80-ies.

321 BAP 4th VA airfield Suurkiul Baltics, armed with the Su-24 was among the first.

455 ISIAP 4th PPI and PLC (see.) Airfield Voronezh. Regiment provides military training and retraining of personnel FA, armed with MiG-25, Su-17M and Su-24.

497 BAP 1st BAA, the airport Lida, Belarus, armed with the Su-24.

511 OGRAP Force Odessa IN airfield Buyalyk, Ukrainian SSR. Rearmed with the Su-24MR with Yak-28R, also had the MiG-25RB

668 BAP 132nd Air Baltic Military District BAA, the airport Tukums. Rearmed with the Su-24 was among the first in 1974-1975.

722 BAP 149th BAA, the airport Smuravi, armed with the Su-24.

727 BAP 24th VA, at the beginning of the 90s. Kanatova airport, armed with the Su-24.

735 BAP reformed from 735 th IBAP Khanabad airfield Turkestan IN, armed with Su-24 (31 aircraft of the first series, came from parts of the leader). In 1988, AE received two Su-24M Ser. 19, 25 and 26 of the 7th BAP and parts 3I V. In 1988 he took part in the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan from airfields Turkestan IN the last sortie of the regiment performed 02/14/1989

760 IISAP 4th PPI and PLC, Voronezh. Polk ensure conduct military trials of new aircraft (including Su-24 and its modifications), as well as the retraining of staff at her Air Force combat units. In June 1981 the regiment was the first in the Soviet Air Force received the Su-24M. In 1983-1984, on the basis of the regiment were held VI of the aircraft.

806 BAP 14th VA, Lutsk airport, armed with the Su-24.

882 Orapa 34th VA, airfield Dollyar Air Base, allegedly armed with Su-24 MR.

886 15 VA Orapa, Jekabpils, Latvia, Su-17M and Su-24MR. In the 1st half of the 80th, 1 AE regiment was in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan to Kabul airport, the commander of the AE Mr. SV Tarakanov. After 1992, the regiment was launched in Russia.

947 BAP, Dubno airfield in western Ukraine. Armed Su-24M, joined the Air Force of Ukraine in 1992

953 BAP 32nd BAA 24th VA, airfield Bobrovichi, Belarus. Armed with the Su-24.

976 BAP 36 BAA 4th VA Northern Group of Forces USSR Armed Forces stationed in Poland until the early 90-ies. After the withdrawal from Poland became a member of the 34th VA, Kurdamir airfield, allegedly armed with Su-24.

43 OMSHAE VVS BSF, airfield Guards Crimea. In 1992 armed squadron of Su-17M4 and remained a part of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. In 1998, the squadron re-equipped Su-24M.

? BAP, airport Mukachevo, Ukraine, armed with Su-24M, joined the Air Force of Ukraine in 1992

? BAP BBC CBF, town, Pskov region. Armed Su-24M.

CENTERS combat training and retraining of pilots of 4 Pulp and Paper Plc and Air Force headquarters is located in the city of Lipetsk is the Su-24 (since 1973), Su-24M, Su-24MP 2 (since 1983) to 1992, the Su-24 was composed of 455 and 760- On ISIAP 4th PPI and PLC (in addition to those shelves were MiG-25 and Su-17M).

1046 TSPLS, Shatalovo. Polk, owned 1046-mu TSPLS armed MiG-25RB, Su-17M and Su-24.

TSPLS AVMF 1270, posted at the airbase Berdyansk. Conducted training of crews of naval aviation in the Su-24 and Su-17.

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