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SU-152G (Obiekt 108)

Simultaneously with the SU-100P in Sverdlovsk, the Uralmashzavod design bureau was developing a self-propelled gun “Object 108” (SU-152G). A prototype of the machine was made in the spring of 1949, and in the same year it was tested. SU-152G had the same layout as the SU-100P. The hull, power plant and chassis were also similar to the base model. It differed from the SU-100P in the installation of the 152-mm howitzer D-50 / D-1 of the OKB-9 design. The howitzer had a vertical wedge semi-automatic shutter with a floating ejector and a two-chamber muzzle brake. To facilitate loading, a sending mechanism was used. Shooting was carried out by separate-shell loading with high-explosive, cumulative and illuminating shells. The ammunition consisted of 42 shots. Work on the SU-152G ceased in 1949 in favor of the SU-100P.

Created on the basis of the SU-100P, the 152-mm self-propelled artillery unit SU-152G (Object 108) was an anti-tank assault installation and differed from the base vehicle only in armament. SU-152G (Object 108)The body of the self-propelled gun SU-152G (Object 108) was welded from rolled sheets. In its middle part the power plant and power transmission units were mixed, the engine is shifted to the right. On the left was the control department. The fighting compartment on the sides was covered with reclining shields. The D-50 / D-1 howitzer, designed at the Uralmash Design Bureau based on the 152-mm towed D-1 howitzer, was installed on the vehicle as the main armament. The internal structure of the barrel, ammunition and ballistics of both guns were the same.

The D-50 / D-1 howitzer had a two-chamber muzzle brake and a vertical wedge semi-automatic bolt with a floating ejector. Separate-case loading. A D-50 / D-1 howitzer could fire all ammunition from a 152-mm D-1 howitzer. The serial howitzer was equipped with a mechanical rammer, but the first sample was made without it. The upper machine gun was attached to the pedestal installed in the middle of the self-propelled guns. The angle of the howitzer’s vertical guidance was in the sector from -5 to + 40 °, in the horizontal plane the gun was pointing in the sector of 143 °.

As a power plant on the SU-152G self-propelled guns (Object 108), a twelve-cylinder V-shaped four-stroke liquid-cooled diesel engine V-54-105 was installed, which developed a power of 294 kW at 2000 rpm and allowed a vehicle with a combat weight of more than 23 tons to move on roads with paved at a maximum speed of 65 km / h. With a fuel tank capacity of 407 liters, the car could go 290 km without refueling.

Individual torsion bar suspension with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers mounted on the front (outside) and rear (inside the case) nodes. The chassis, with respect to one side, consisted of twelve rubberized support rollers and six also rubberized support rollers. The caterpillar chain is small, with a rubber-metal joint of a sequential type.

The self-propelled howitzer SU-152G (Object 108) was developed under the leadership of G. S. Efimov in the design bureau of the Sverdlovsk machine-building plant Uraltransmash. In 1948, the first prototype was made, in March of that year the self-propelled howitzer was factory tested, and the project was handed over to the military representative on June 16, 1948, two more howitzers were made and tested until December 31, 1948. At the end of 1949 the self-propelled guns -152G (Object 108) passed the State tests and was put into service. However, mass production was not deployed.

Combat weight, tons 23.8
crew 5
Length with gun forward, mm 6460
Width of the case, mm 3100
Height, mm 2262
Ground clearance, mm 400
ArmorForehead of the case, 25mm
Caliber of the gun 152 mm
Type of gun howitzer D-1
Barrel length, calibers 28
Ammunition load 42
Gunner's angles, deg. -5 .. + 40
Engine type diesel B-54-105
Engine power, l. with. 400
Speed on the highway, km / h 65
Cruising on the highway, km 290
Suspension type individual, torsion bar with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers in the suspension of the 1st and 6th rollers
Gradeability, grad. thirty
Walking ford, m 1

SU-152G Object 108 SU-152G Object 108 SU-152G Object 108

SU-152G Object 108

SU-152G Object 108

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