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Boathouse / Elling #1 (former Tsekh / Workshop #50)
Shipyard No. 402
Sevmashpredpriyatie [Sevmash]
Northern Mashinebuilding Enterprise

workshop #50The workshop number 50 was built in the 1930s-1940s. Sevmash is one of the largest enterprises of the domestic shipbuilding industry. Even before the war (in 1939), specifically under the battleships of the "Soviet Union" type , construction of a huge covered slipway (workshop 50) was started there (completed in 1948) with dimensions of approximately 365x130 m (recalculated from Vikramadity with Lnb = 284 m from satellite images).

In the first slipway there are two docks with overall dimensions of 302.5 h44.4 m and door dimensions of 34.7 x 38.3 meters. Docks have two gantry cranes 100/20 out with lifting height 26.05 m. Transportation of goods between docks carried overhead cranes with capacity of 5 m with a lifting height of 30 m. When operating in tandem gantry cranes 100/20 r maximum mass transported structures with the use of traverses is 175 tons. The maximum width of the metal structures produced is 37.5 m. Equipment for berths production includes an outlet waterworks, made in the form of a drained bulk basin, covered with dams and having a size in plan to the slot at +1 m 159x325 m. Towards the port water area, the waterworks has a 42 m wide exit. In workshop 50, instead of filling one of the dry docks in it, the order ready for descent moves from the berth on the ship's railway track on the ship's train to the bulk basin, which, when filled, turns out to be in its element.

For decades, the main task of the berth became the construction and delivery of warships to the Navy. The #50 workshop gave rise to the official history of the enterprise - it was here on December 21, 1939 that the first ship of the young factory, the battleship Sovetskaya Belorussia, was ceremonially laid out.

On May 5, 1960 Print in the workshop number 50 laid nuclear submarine project 658 K-16 (factory number 905). On May 30, 1961 in the workshop number 50 laid nuclear submarine project 675 K-166 (factory number 530). On June 28, in the workshop number 50 laid the nuclear submarine project 667A K-216 (factory number 424). On December 9, 1972 the last - the twenty-fourth nuclear submarine of Project 667A (serial number 461, the side number K-228) was commissioned at Sevmash Enterprise. It was the largest series of submarines in the Soviet Navy - 34 ships, ten of which were built in Komsomolsk - on - Amur. On December 29, 1974 the last - the tenth nuclear submarine of Project 667B (serial number 340, crew number K-171) was commissioned at Sevmash Enterprise.

On April 10, 1973 the workshop number 50 laid the lead nuclear submarine of project 667BD K-182 (factory number 341). On February 19, 1977 workshop number 50 laid the nuclear submarine of project 667BDR K-223 (factory number 395), named in 1998 "Podolsk". A total of 14 submarines of this project were built in Severodvinsk. On February 17, 1982 workshop number 50 laid the nuclear submarine of project 667BDRM K-84 (factory number 380), named in 1999 "Yekaterinburg". On February 22, 1985, in workshop No. 50, the nuclear submarine of Project 971 K-480 (Plant No. 379), laid out in 1990, was named Bars in 1990, and AK Bars in 1996.

On April 28, 1963 by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for great services in creating new types of missile weapons, as well as equipped with these weapons NPS. The title of Hero of Socialist Labor was conferred to the Chief Engineer V.I. Vashantsev, the welder E.P. Nochvina, turner N.T.Egorovu and foreman of electricians of SPO “Arktika” L.Ya.Pankkratov.

On May 21, 2005 at Sevmash, the ceremonial withdrawal from workshop No. 50 of the first diesel-electric submarines under construction, commissioned by the Chinese Navy, is an order for project 636 factory No. 701.

And in 2014, the year of the 75th anniversary of Sevmash, the labor collective of the shop looked to the future with optimism. The workshop was preparing to carry out a large-scale state task - the construction of a series of nuclear submarines. Over the time period that fell at the end of the 1990s - the beginning of the “zero”, Sevmash created civilian ships and naval arctic equipment, therefore, in order to start producing well-known defense products, a huge reconstruction is underway.

The work is supervised by the United Shipbuilding Corporation, which includes Sevmash. In autumn 2014 specialists of the Department of Capital Construction and modernization of USC worked at the enterprise. The meeting with the management of Sevmasha discussed the issues of modernization of the enterprise. The report on implementation of the target program "development of the OPK in 2011 – 2020" was made by the Chief technologist. Vladimir Syrodubov spoke in detail about the goals and timing of implementation of each FCP event and noted that by 2020 all the main production facilities will be modernized. Chief Energy engineer Andrei Kolbantsev reported on the prospects of the company's transfer to natural gas, which will reduce the overall energy costs. Vladimir Kononov, the chief Metallurger, reported on the prospects of improvement of metallurgical shops. Specialists of the Department of Capital Construction and modernization of USC heard speeches of other leaders of Sevmasha, discussed the activities planned to be included in the program of development of the OPK for the next years.

With the completion of this program Sevmash will not stop the progressive movement. Development and modernization of production capacities of the enterprise, introduction of breakthrough technologies using modern information systems – priority tasks of the country's leading shipyard. In five or six years we will see a high-tech production that allows Sevmashu to build ships for the NAVY at a higher professional level and with the characteristics that are required for the fleet.

Sevmash significantly advanced in the arrangement of ship ramps. In the two workshop spans new scaffoldings were mounted, overpasses were installed; in others, the dismantling of old overpasses continued. Sevmash was successfully moving forward. In addition, Sevmash carried out redecoration of old scaffolds. The update also affect non-production rooms: the main entrance was temporarily closed - brickwork is being replaced, new booths are being installed to exchange passes. Work in the northern dock was completed in spring 2015.

Sergey Sergeychik made a great contribution to the common cause: this person is responsible for placing orders, accepting the ship sections with a workshop and supervising the construction of ships in the northern dock. Serious work was carried out by the workers of section 81, headed by Yulia Yuryevna Lupandina. Station number 18 (head Vladimir Aleksandrovich Rybakov), who is to build the first ship of the workshop. In general, the whole team performs its tasks with the proper quality and at the right time. The state of affairs was under the constant control of Sevmash management, General Director Mikhail Anatolyevich Budnichenko regularly conducts inspections. The task for people is to work for the result. And they will fulfill it necessarily.

By 2014 48th Workshop factory engineering units were involved in this difficult stressful business. The workshop production preparatory service showed itself well: Alexander Alexandrovich Kruchenkov and the head of the technical department Alexander Petrovich Kononov made great contributions.

The Northern Machine-Building Enterprise Production Association modernized the production of the berth and mechanical assembly plants to support the construction of the fourth and fifth generations of nuclear submarines in workshops 50 and 55. The company placed the auction for the development of working documentation and the corresponding works on 13 May 2018. This is the second stage of technical re-equipment. The initial cost of the auction is 60.7 million rubles.

The management of Sevmash summed up the work already done on modernization of enterprises and prepared proposals for inclusion in the draft of the new state program. Technical re-equipment of machine-building, metallurgical and non-metallic production on Sevmasche will be completed within the next 2-3 years. This is reported by the press service of the enterprise. Earlier Sevmash in the framework of realization of the federal target program "Development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation" has acquired the automated technological complexes, multichannel measuring devices, high-precision machines with Software control, highly efficient power and mechanized welding equipment, high-load transport systems, reliable means of control and measurement.

In addition, the management of Sevmash sent its proposals to the Joint Shipbuilding Corporation and the Ministry of Industrial Affairs of the Russian Federation to include them in the draft State program for the development of the defense industrial Complex for the years 2018-2027. The 50th workshop was built in 1940 and by 2016 was in the final stage of reconstruction, after which it will be used for the construction of prospective nuclear powered submarines [APL].

 No. 50 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 50 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 50 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 50 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 50 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 50 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 50 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash

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