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Tsekh / No. 42 workshop
Shipyard No. 402
Sevmashpredpriyatie [Sevmash]
Northern Mashinebuilding Enterprise

 No. 42 workshop of OAO PO SevmashShop #42 OAO "PO" Sevmash" was built in 1954. This office N402 factory was created to solve complex scientific and technical tasks for the development of the latest models created by the country's technology, the introduction of the most advanced science, using new technologies and materials. The future the workshop was originally designed as a mechanical workshop No. 3 for the production of artillery turrets for large surface ships.

With the government’s decision to build the first nuclear submarine at plant No. 402, due to the special Secrecy of works was chosen to create a separate assembly-building plant. The assembly-building plant is an independent structural unit of the enterprise. A feature of shop No. 42 is that not only ships are built on the stocks, but also large parts of the hull are assembled from parts — block sections. Therefore, the shop is called the assembly-building. It was formed in 1954 and is a specialized production: the first samples of unique ship projects were built in it, including the first atomic submarine, the K-3 Leninsky Komsomol.

Shop number 42 - the only one where a boat can built be from start to finish. Only metal blanks are needed for the assembly of the hull and equipment for installation. Everything else - welding of the hull, installation of pipes and equipment, commissioning, testing systems - can be done by Sevmash specialists. In addition, the shop has specialized facilities. The atomic "heart" of all ships built on Sevmash is being created here, at the reactor core assembly stand. Here is formed and the control system of protection of the power plant of the ship. There is a dock for testing the compartments with external pressure. Therefore, the experimental compartments of all the projects that went on at the plant, including "Granit", "Bars", and "Shark", were made and tested in the workshop #42.

Head orders of workshop No. 42: Project 627 - the first Soviet nuclear submarine (PLA) K-3 "Leninsky Komsomol"; PLA project 627A; Submarine Project 645 - K-27 with a nuclear power plant with a liquid metal coolant (eutectic alloy). On June 15, 1958 in the workshop number 42 laid nuclear submarine project 645 K-27 (factory number 601). An official groundbreaking ceremony was held for the experimental submarine of Project 645 (factory no. 601) with a liquid-metal nuclear power plant - the future K-27.

PLA of the project 685 - K-278 Komsomolets. On April 22, 1978 workshop number 42 laid nuclear submarine project 685 K-278 (factory number 510), named in 1989 "Komsomolets". PLA Project 661 "Anchar" - the most high-speed submarine in the world K-222 (42 knots or about 80 km / h) with a solid hull made of titanium alloys; Submarine Project 705K. The deepest of the combat submarines (diving depth of more than one kilometer), which was lost in the Norwegian Sea on April 7, 1989 as a result of a fire.

On April 26, 1971 by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for the successful fulfillment of the tasks of the five-year plan, the title of Hero of Socialist Labor was conferred on the director of the GMP "Zvezdochka" G.L. Prosyankin and fitter of workshop #42 Sevmash A.V. Lagunov.

At various times, it built 20 nuclear and diesel submarines, including a museum boat, tugs, yachts and even a pleasure submarine. Currently, shop number 42 is the main shop for the creation of the ship project 11442M "Admiral Nakhimov".

At present, the main purpose of the workshop #42 is carrying out hull, welding, installation and commissioning work in the construction of experienced head, serial orders of nuclear underwater and surface shipbuilding on the stocks. It performs work on the completion, testing, repair and modernization of orders for slip and afloat. It is engaged in production of hull structures, assemblies and parts for other workshops of the enterprise, and production of technical products for the gas and oil industry.

 No. 42 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 42 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash  No. 42 workshop of OAO PO Sevmash

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