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Myasishchev Design Bureau

3M strategic bomber
3MD strategic bomber
3ME strategic bomber
3MS-2 tanker aircraft
3M-2-3 "Project 52"
3M-T Heavy transport aircraft
3M2 multi-purpose transport
A-209M light multi-purpose
ANT-41 torpedo
BREEZE Administrative plane
DVB-102 high-altitude bomber Far
DVB-202 high-altitude bomber Far
DVB-302 high-altitude bomber Far
DVB-402 high-altitude bomber Far
DIS Far fighter escort
M-4 strategic bomber
M-6PM-29 airliner
M-12 light military transport
M-17 reconnaissance aircraft STRATOSPHERE Multilevel
M-17RM GEOPHYSICS Multilevel reconnaissance aircraft
M-18 strategic multi-purpose bomber 1974 [lost to Tu-160]
M-20bomber concepts
M-25 strategic bomber, Mya-4
M-28high altitude bomber concept
M-29double-deck passenger aircraft based on 3M bomber project
M-30 II[2nd] bomber with nuclear power plant project
M-30 I[1st] medium bomber project
M-31medium bomber project
M-32heavy bomber project
M-33medium bomber-tailless project
M-34heavy "composite" bomber project
M-40Buran [Blizzard] strategic cruise missile project
M-40Aversion of the M-40 with a new warhead experiental
M-41Accelerators M-40 project
M-42sustainer stage M-40 project
M-43 SD
M-44airborne cruise missile project
M-45AAeroballistic rocket project for M-56K bomber
M-45Bbalistic air-launched missile project for M-56K bomber
M-46piloted rocket orbiter project
M-47intercontinental ballistic missile
M-48VKA-23 spaceplane project
M-50 strategic bomber
M-52 supersonic bomber
M-53passenger plane on the basis of M-52 project
M-54 supersonic bomber
M-55 Geophysica electronic surveillance reconnaissance aircraft
M-55RD experimental aircraft for long-haul flights
M-55 [first] Supersonic Passenger aircraft project on the basis of M-56
M-56 supersonic bomber
M-57low-altitude supersonic strategic bomber project
M-58strategic component system with GDP project
M-59Ksupersonic strategic system project
M-60bomber with nuclear power plant project
M-60VTS high-flying military transport
M-61supersonic cruise missile airborne project
M-62 Oryol (Eagle) Condorski
M-63 multi-purpose high-flying
M-67 Airborne Surveillance Testbed [AST] analog
M-80 VTOL transport
M-90 superheavy multi-purpose transport
M-101Plight patrol
M-101T light multipurpose aircraft GZHEL
M-102 DOLPHIN Administrative plane
M-102 DUET Administrative plane
M-103Experimental heavy bomber
M-112light military transport
M-150cargo aircraft project
M-200 multi-purpose combat training aircraft
M-202 DEER Administrative plane
M-302 COURIER Administrative plane
M-500 agricultural aircraft
Molniya-100 light multi-purpose
Molniya-400 multi-purpose
Molniya-1000(Heracles) superheavy
M-20-09-03 Space Projects
Oriol WIG
PE-2A Dive Bomber
PE-2B Dive Bomber
PE-2I Dive Bomber
PE-2M Dive Bomber
PE-2, M-1 Dive Bomber
PE-3M Heavy Fighter
RB-17 early front-line bomber
SB-108 high speed bomber
T-41 torpedo
VKA Myasishchev 1957
VM-T Atlant heavy transport aircraft
flying boats projects
airship projects

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