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Russian Armament Production

In the early 2000s, large numbers of major equipment items had outlived their service life, and replacement occurred at a much slower rate. In 2005 the army had 22,800 main battle tanks; 2,000 armored reconnaissance vehicles; 15,090 armored infantry fighting vehicles; 9,900 armored personnel carriers; 30,045 artillery pieces, including 6,010 self-propelled pieces, 6,100 mortars, and 4,350 multiple rocket launchers. The navy had 46 tactical and 15 nuclear submarines, 1 aircraft carrier, 6 cruisers, 15 destroyers, 19 frigates, 26 corvettes, 41 mine warfare vessels, 22 major amphibious vessels, and 72 patrol and coastal combat vessels. The navy also had 266 combat aircraft. The air forces had 1,013 fighter aircraft, 677 bombers and ground-attack fighters, 119 reconnaissance aircraft, 293 military transport aircraft, and 1,520 helicopters. The strategic missile force had 570 launchers with 2,035 nuclear warheads.

Production and Distribution of Russian Military Armaments (1992-99)

Armament Type Domestic Sales Foreign Sales
China India Other
Aircraft 71018592278
Helicopters 86167698
Submarines 246- 10
Surface ships 243411
Tanks 31140175120435
Armor troop-carriers 176036121217
Anti-air missile systems 1810422

SOURCE: "Nesokrushimaya i legendarnaya," Komsomolskaya Pravda, March 31, 2000.

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