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Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant Projects

A-12 Light autogyro
V-7 Light helicopter
V-8Mi-8 prototype multipurpose helicopter
V-10Mi-10 prototype transport helicopter
V-12 heavy transport helicopter
Mi-1 multi-purpose helicopter
Mi-1A Multi-purpose helicopter
Mi-1M multipurpose helicopter
Mi-1MNH (HX) Moskvich multipurpose helicopter
Mi-1MU Light Assault Helicopter
Mi-1T multipurpose helicopter
Mi-2 multipurpose helicopter
Mi-2D Air Command Post
Mi-2F helicopter for aerial photography
Mi-2M multipurpose helicopter
Mi-2P passenger helicopter
Mi-2 helicopter PLATAN-minelayer
Mi-2R reconnaissance helicopter
Mi-2RL Search and Rescue Helicopter
Mi-2RM Search and Rescue Helicopter
Mi-2RHR Helicopter chemical reconnaissance
Mi-2C helicopter ambulance
Mi-2cx Farm helicopter
Mi-2T transport helicopter
Mi-2U training helicopter
Mi-2X Helicopter for making smokescreens
MI-3 helicopter ambulance
Mi-4 multi-purpose helicopter
Mi-4AB Shock-transport helicopter
Mi-4L Firefighter helicopter
Mi-4M ASW helicopter
Mi-4P passenger helicopter
Mi-4PS Search and Rescue Helicopter
Mi-4C helicopter Farm
Mi-4SP Search and Rescue Helicopter
Mi-4T Helicopter torpedo
Mi-6 Heavy transport helicopter
Mi-6A Heavy transport helicopter
Mi-6ATZ Helicopter tanker
Mi-6VKP Air Command Post
E-6M ASW helicopter
Mi-6P passenger helicopter
Mi-6PZH Firefighter helicopter
Mi-6PP Helicopter - jammer
Mi-6PRTBV Rocket helicopter complex
Mi-6PS Search and Rescue Helicopter
Mi-6RVK Rocket helicopter complex
Mi-6TZ Helicopter -tanker
Mi-8AMT multipurpose helicopter
Mi-8AMTSh Freight attack helicopter
Mi-8AT multipurpose helicopter
Mi-8MTs multipurpose helicopter
Mi-8 MTV multipurpose helicopter
Mi-8MTKO Multipurpose helicopter
Mi-8P passenger helicopter
Mi-8PP Helicopter - jammer
Mi-8T multipurpose transport helicopter
Mi-8TG multipurpose helicopter
MI-9 HIP-G Air Command Post
Mi-10 transport helicopter
Mi-10K Helicopter Transport - Crane
Mi-10pp Helicopter RTR and EW
Mi-10P helicopter Record
Mi-10RVK Rocket - helicopter complex
Mi-10UPL transport helicopter
Mi-12 heavy transport helicopter
Mi-14BT Helicopter -trawler
Mi-14GP Net passenger helicopter
Mi-14PZH Firefighter helicopter
Mi-14PL ASW helicopter
Mi-14PS search and rescue helicopter
Mi-17 transport helicopter
Mi-17-1V multi-purpose helicopter
Mi-17KF multipurpose helicopter
Mi-18 multipurpose helicopter
MI-19 Air Command Post
Mi-22 Air Command Post
Mi-24A Multi-purpose attack helicopter
Mi-24V Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Mi-24VK Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Mi-24VM Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Mi-24VP Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Mi-24D attack helicopter Multipurpose
Mi-24P Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Mi-24PK Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Mi-24PN Multipurpose Assault helicopter
Mi-24PS multipurpose search and rescue helicopter
Mi-24HR Helicopter chemical reconnaissance
Mi-25 multipurpose attack helicopter
Mi-26 multipurpose transport helicopter
Mi-26NEF M ASW helicopter
Mi-26T helicopter Multipurpose Transport
Mi-26TP Firefighter helicopter
Mi-26TC multipurpose transport helicopter
Mi-27 Air Command Post
Mi-28 helicopter gunship
Mi-28N helicopter gunship
Mi-34 multipurpose helicopter
Mi-30 TILTROTOR project
Mi-35 multipurpose attack helicopter export
Mi-35M Multipurpose Assault helicopter export
Mi-35MS VIP Transport export export
Mi-35P Multipurpose Assault helicopter export
Mi-37"Tungus" Assault helicopter FICTIONAL
Mi-38 multipurpose helicopter
Mi-60MAI light multipurpose helicopter

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